Programme Learning Outcomes


Academic Certificate Programmes

  1. Certificate in Hotel Management
  2. Certificate in land Management
  3. Certificate in Management Studies
  4. Certificate in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Diploma Programmes

  1. Diploma in Hotel Management
  2. Diploma in Land Management
  3. Diploma in Management Studies

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management & Employment Relations)
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (International Business & Marketing)
  3. Bachelor of Commerce (Land Management)
  4. Bachelor of Commerce (Management & Public Administration)
  5. Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism Management)

Prescribed Bachelor Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  2. Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management

Postgraduate Programmes

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Financial Administration
  2. Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
  3. Postgraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  4. Postgraduate Certificate in Public Administration
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Advanced Analytical Skills)
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (General Managers)
  7. Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Land Management)
  8. Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Management & Public Administration)
  9. Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Tourism & Hospitality Management)

Master’s Degree Programmes

  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Master of Commerce in Land Management
  3. Master of Commerce in Management & Public Administration
  4. Master of Commerce in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Doctor of Philosophy

  1. Doctorate of Business Administration
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Land Management
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Public Administration
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism and Hospitality Management


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