Doctor of Philosophy (Accounting)

On successful completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:

  1. Formulate coherent and feasible research proposals in the field of Accounting.
  2. Review critically significant contemporary issues within the Accounting literature and profession in the local, regional and international context.
  3. Apply a justified theoretical framework to examine specified research questions in the field of Accounting.
  4. Implement a carefully designed instrument to gather sufficient and credible data of a quantitative and/or qualitative nature for Accounting and cognate disciplines.
  5. Analyse data critically to reach robust, logical findings that make original contributions to the Accounting literature.
  6. Disseminate research findings which make an original, significant contribution to knowledge in, or understanding of, the field of Accounting, employing appropriate academic conventions for a wide range of academic and professional audiences.
  7. Incorporate recommendations and suggestions from supervisors, peers and examiners, to improve the quality of research outputs.
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