Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

On successful completion of this programme, students will be able to:

1. Apply ethical reasoning to their actions and decision-making (Ethics).
2. Recognize the cultural heritage, and diversity of Pacific societies (Pacific Consciousness).
3. Choose appropriate language and modes of communication to share ideas & create understanding (Communication).
4. Generate new ideas and approaches to solve problems (Creativity).
5. Collaborate with people of diverse perspectives to achieve goals (Teamwork).
6. Evaluate ideas and opinions before formulating a conclusion (Critical thinking).
7. Apply professional principles, values, and ethics to their work (Professionalism).
8. Explain the core theories and principles related to civil engineering.
9. Formulate solutions to real-life problems.
10. Communicate scientific information in oral, written, and graphical formats.
11. Design/Development of civil engineering solutions for developing a sustainable environment.
12. Use modern tools in solving problems.
13. Relate Engineer and the Society
14. Manage project and Finance.