Composition of Senate

According to Section 27 of the USP Statutes
As at September, 2018

(1) The Senate shall consist of the following persons, namely:

(a) Ex-officio members being:

(i) The Vice-Chancellor (who shall be Chair of the Senate);

  • Professor Pal Ahluwalia, Vice-Chancellor and President

(ii) Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education

  • Professor Richard Coll

(iii) Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Innovation and International

  • Professor Derrick Armstrong

(iv) Vice-President, Regional Campuses and Estates and Infrustructure

  • Dr Giulio Paunga

(v) Vice-President Planning, Quality, USP Commercial and Institutional Research and Data

  • Dr Anjeela Jokhan, (Acting)

(vi) The Pro Vice-Chancellors;

  • Professor Som Naidu

(vii) The Deans;

  • Dr Akanisi Kedrayate, Faculty of Arts, Law & Education
  • Professor Arvind Patel, Acting Dean, Faculty of Business & Economics
  • Dr Bibhya Sharma, Acting Dean, Faculty of Science, Technology & Environment

(viii) The Director, Information Technology Services;

  • Mr Kisione Finau

(ix) The University Librarian

  • Ms Elizabeth Fong

(x) The Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Technical and Further Education

  • Mr Hasmukh Lal


  • Ms Titilia Tuinaceva, Assistant Manager, Council & Senate Secretariat (Acting)

In attendance

  • Dr Matthew Hayward, FALE Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
  • Dr. Yoko Kanemasu, FALE Associate Dean (Planning and Quality)
  • Dr Ann Cheryl Armstrong, FALE Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Affairs)
  • Dr Manoranjan Mohanty, FBE Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
  • Dr Nacanieli Rika, FBE Associate Dean (Planning & Quality)
  • Dr Ronald Kumar, FBE Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Affairs)
  • Dr Utkal Mehta, Acting FSTE Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
  • Dr David Rohindra, FSTE Associate Dean (Planning & Quality)
  • Dr Sereana Kubuabola, Senior Quality Coordinator, Planning and Quality
  • Mr Glenn Pope, Group Manager, Campus Life
  • Mrs Litia Konusi, Group Manager, Student Administrative Services
  • Professor Elizabeth Holland, Director PaCE-SD

(b) Elected members being:
Under Statute 27(1)(b)(i):

(i) Two heads of school per faculty to be elected by academic staff of the faculty

  • Professor Govinda Lingam, School of Education, FALE
  • Vacant, FALE
  • Professor Anand Chand, School of Management and Public Administration, FBE
  • Vacant, FBE
  • Professor Maurizio Cirrincione, School of Engineering & Physics, FSTE
  • Professor Ciro Rico, School of Marine Studies, FSTE

Under Statute 27(1)(b)(ii):

(ii) Three Professsors per faculty to be elected by academic staff of the faculty

  • Professor Sudesh Mishra, School of Language, Arts, Media, and Journalism FALE
  • Vacant, FALE
  • Vacant, FALE
  • Professor Matthew Allen, School of Government & Development Studies, FBE
  • Vacant, FBE
  • Vacant, FBE
  • Professor Surendra Prasad, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, FSTE
  • Professor Sushil Kumar, School of Engineering & Physics, FSTE
  • Professor Rafiuddin Ahmed, School of Engineering & Physics, FSTE

Under Statute 27(1)(b)(iii):

(iii) Five non-professorial to be elected by all academic staff

  • Dr Neelesh Gounder, School of Economics, FBE
  • Dr Eberhard Weber, School of Geography Science & Environment, FSTE
  • Dr Gilianne Brodie, School of Biological & Chemical Science, FSTE
  • Dr Nicola Baker, School of Governance & Development Studies, FBE
  • Dr Frances Cresantia Koya-Vakauta, OCACPS, FALE

Under Statute 27(1)(b)(iv):

(iv) Three campus directors outside Fiji to be elected by all Directors of Campus;

  • Dr Irene Taafaki, RMI
  • Ms Alamanda Lauti, Nauru
  • Dr Rosiana Lagi, Tuvalu

Under Statute 27(1)(b)(v):

(v) Four student members to be appointed or elected in accordance with the Ordinance of the university

  • Mr Jerry Siota, USPSA Chair & President
  • Ms Angylishna Asha, FALE student representative
  • Ms Esther Pavihi, FBE student representative
  • Mr Albert Whippy, FSTE student representative

(c) Appointed Members
Statute 27(1)(c):

A member appointed from any academic institution which is affiliated or otherwise associated with the University, on such terms as the Council may from time to time determine.