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The records of the University perform multiple and important functions and so the management of records has become an ever increasing important part of daily activities. The Records Management office provides University staff and business units, whether administrative or academic, with advice and guidance on how best to manage these significant assets of the University. The University of the South Pacific has a developed records keeping system, in which records are more usually held by the work groups and business units that generate them. As such Records Management provides a coordination role and works with groups and individuals to assist them in identifying and managing records of the University and supports staff to appreciate their role in the creation of full and accurate records of their activities. Generally, the management of records has two essential functions:-

  • it covers records in all formats (paper, electronic, oral, film, microform, etc.); and
  • it covers records from the moment that they are created until their disposal (either by destruction or preservation in an archive).

Records Management works with staff to manage the records of the University in a number of ways, including:-

  • electronic and hard-copy records management. The University uses Content Manager as the electronic document and records management system;
  • identification, capture and secure housing of Vital Records;
  • providing training and advice services;
  • retention and disposal of records scheduling; and
  • the management of the USP Archive, which preserves records of continuing value on behalf of the University.

Records Management is the custodian of the University’s central records, those records identified as Vital Records, and the USP Archive project – Preserving USP. We serve a region spread across 33 million square kilometres, an area more than three times the size of Europe, yet total land mass is about equal to the area of Denmark.

Note: Student record enquiries should be directed to Student Administrative Services (SAS) at helpdesk(at)

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