Content Manager (CM)

Content Manager (CM) is the cornerstone of the Micro Focus Secure Content Management Suite and is the new major release of HP Records Manager/TRIM, but with a new name. CM 9.3 is a governance based enterprise content management system designed to help government agencies, regulated industries and global organisations manage their business content from creation to disposal.

The University continues the deployment of an electronic records management system across the University to assist staff to manage the records of the University. Content Manager (CM) is the University’s electronic records management system.

Electronic documents, including emails, spreadsheets, and presentations, can be added directly in their native form to CM. This permits their use as a live document unlike a ‘print and file’ environment.

Paper records can be registered into CM when placed in a physical file. CM tells staff what is on file without having to check the physical folder and gives them a document number if they do need to access the original. This enables staff to file both hard copy and soft copy documents to the same virtual folder.

Unlike a simple networked folder, CM preserves the value as a record by preventing accidental (or malicious) deletion, controlling edit rights and by logging all access or modification. “Finalised” records cannot be altered.

An important feature of CM is the ability to apply the University’s retention and disposal schedule to ensure that records are disposed of in a timely manner and at a date which is appropriate to the University’s needs.

CM is one tool that enables us to undertake good records management practice to ensure that the University:

  • creates and captures authentic and reliable records in all formats, to demonstrate evidence, accountability and information about its decisions and activities;
  • maintains securely and preserves access to those records as long as they are required to support University operations;
  • confidentially destroys those records as soon as they are no longer required;
  • meets University approved and legal record-keeping requirements;
  • identifies and preserves in the University Archive, those records deemed worthy of permanent preservation; and
  • protects vital records, which the University needs in order to function effectively.

The Application Training Manual and Information Sheets are available to assist you in the use of Content Manager.

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