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The University’s primary records management policy vests executive responsibility for the management of the University’s records with the Vice-Chancellor; Records Management is responsible for the implementation and administrative oversight of the policy and associated procedures and practices.

The Records Management Policy assigns accountabilities for record keeping at USP, including the requirement that staff create full and accurate records of their activities. To assist staff in this responsibility Records Management provides coordination and support to USP work groups and individuals to help them in identifying and managing records of the University. We employ a team’s approach to our work and whilst we work in three discrete teams our work is inter-related and so we work across teams to support demand as required.

The teams are supported by our generalist Records Assistant – Adi Menani Tovata – who has a comprehensive understanding of the work of all three teams.  Records Management is headed by the Secretary to Council and Manager CSS, Mr. Totivi D. Bokini-Ratu.

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