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Sincere greetings from the office of the Directorate. It is my honor and privilege to warmly welcome you to the University of the South Pacific, Solomon Islands Campus for this year 2021. I am also delighted to congratulate you for choosing the University of the South Pacific Solomon Islands Campus as your study locality. The choice you made was not a mistake as you will find it enriching when you participate with students and staff of the Pacific region in matters that shape and guide your future destiny.

Be rest assured that your interest to pursue education here at the USP Solomon Islands campus is always our priority.  As we journey together in this higher education space, it is important that we collaborate and support each other in our different capacities as staff and students.

Apparently, USP Solomon Islands Campus, is directed by the vision ‘to shape Solomon Islands for a progressive, safe and peaceful future’ with mission oriented ‘to provide Higher Education that is Accessible, Sustainable and of Quality to all Solomon islanders’. These include the goals to promote knowledge, value and skills that is transformative to improve lives of individuals and communities.  

In the face of the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Solomon Islands Campus has been gratified by the effort of the staff, students and related stakeholders who have collaborated to face all odds. Despite of the pandemic restrictions experienced globally, the immediate transition to virtual teaching & learning platform was promising. Adapting this sudden change is a clear reflection of resilience and commitment demonstrated in USP SI campus. In fact, COVID-19 is still far from over and its lingering effect is also expected to be experienced this year 2021. Therefore, I am encouraging everyone to hold on and be prepared to handle the impacts head on through this unprecedented time.

Furthermore, as part of the universal response to novel COVID-19, the Solomon Islands Government has imposed travel restriction which allows limited option for students to study outside the country. This has caused the drastic increase rate of registrations in our campus at the beginning of this year 2021. However, with highly versatile teamwork, USP SI Campus is committed to offer quality services in shaping the Solomon Islands nation’s human resources and ensure that each individual potential is fully developed.

Being part of a prominent institution in the Pacific region with the continuous support of students and staff, I am determined that USP SI Campus will soar with more prosperous milestones.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable academic journey with us at the University of the South Pacific, Solomon Islands Campus.

Tagio Tumas.

Dr. Billy Fitoo

Campus Director

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