Continuing Education & Community Outreach Department

The Continuing Education and Community Outreach Department offers a range of courses as determined by local needs and resources. These courses cater for high school dop-outs who wish to do courses in order to re-enter the formal education system. Other courses are offered for professional development, up skilling, acquiring new skills for recreational purposes or personal development. The current courses and programmes offered by this department come under the categories of National CoursesRegional Programmes and Adult Education Training.

National Short courses are developed by local course designers/writers according to local needs. These courses are offered only from the Solomon Islands Campus to the local population. These are non-academic courses and duration of courses varies from 10 to 32 hours of teaching spread over a number of weeks. The current courses offered under this category include English, Maths, Bookkeeping and computing courses, which can be used as upgrading or qualifying courses to gain entry into the USP Preliminary Programmes.

Regional Programmes

These are programmes that are developed and coordinated by staff based at Laucala Campus in Fiji and offered through all USP campuses through distance and flexible learning. The current programme offered is Certificate in Early Childhood Certificate

 Adult Education Training

These are short trainings developed by USP SI campus academic staff or training developers to meet the training needs of local organizations and bodies. The short trainings are mainly for up skilling, professional or personal development or recreational purposes. These include Business Training, English Language Training, floral arts, adult literacy, computer skills, fisheries training etc.

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