Vanuatu Campus Advisory: CAMPUS CLOSED

Dear all,

Following a further reassessment of the Vanuatu Campus and Centers by our OHS team on the ground today (06/03), please note the following important announcements:

  • For safety reasons, please note all Vanuatu Campuses and Centres are closed for ALL operations from Tuesday 7 March to Friday 10 March to all staff and students. Only essential staff needed to clear the debris on campus will be allowed on site and these staff will be directly contacted by their supervisors. No other staff and students will be allowed to access the Campus during this week. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
  • Students are once again reminded that classes and assessments for this week are cancelled and remedial classes will be available once the Campus and Centers re-open.

TC Judy and Kevin have no doubt affected the majority of our staff and students and as we work hard to restore the campus infrastructure and facilities, we hope this gives you time to give a lending hand in your community.

Further updates on the opening of the Campus and Centers will be sent at the end of this week

Take care and stay safe.


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