Advisory for Kiribati Campus

All USP Staff and Students (Kiribati Campus)

As per the advisory from the Office of Te Beretitenti, the Government of Kiribati will now implement Alert Level 2 under its COVID-19 Alert Levels.

All branches of Government, including private businesses, will continue to operate as usual, with no restrictions on the sale of goods that will cause public panic.Government agencies and private businesses are reminded to follow the Ministry of Health’s health directives during business hours, such as social distancing, no handshaking, wearing facemasks, regular handwashing with soap, covering mouth when coughing, and so on.

All operations by the Government agencies and businesses must end before 10 pm tonight until 5 am tomorrow.

All Kiribati USP staff and students are to adhere to these nightly curfew hours and conditions.

USP DISMAC guided by your campus director will issue regular updates via email, in the coming days on the evolving situation there.

Keep safe and remain calm, do your part in preventing the further spread of COVID-19 in your communities and families.

Best Wishes
Vice-Chancellor and President
Professor Pal Ahluwalia

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