Advisory 16

Dear Staff and Students

In light of the fast evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19 global pandemic, USP DISMAC met this afternoon and in accordance with the USP COVID-19 Pandemic Management Plan, it has authorized the following:

  1. Since the Tonga, Samoa and Tuvalu Governments have declared a State of Emergency, USP Campuses in these countries, along with Lautoka Campus, are now closed as per Level 3 of the USP COVID-19 Pandemic Management Plan.
  1. USP is closely working with respective Governments to repatriate students from Fiji as required. If students residing in Laucala Halls are unable to return to their homes, please be assured that they will continue to be accommodated in the Halls.
  1. For students temporarily leaving the Halls, their rooms will be locked and their belongings can remain in their rooms.
  1. For those expatriate staff who wish to return to their home country, they can do so immediately but any period beyond the 6th of April will warrant appropriate leave provisions in accordance with USP policies. This must be approved by the immediate supervisor and the responsible line SMT member and reported to HR.
  1. For staff who wish to work from home, where the nature of the work allows, the following criteria applies:

5.1   Staff whose Campuses are in Level 3 lockdown;

5.2 Staff returning from international travel on supervised self-isolation for fourteen (14) days;

5.3   Staff aged 60 or above;

5.4   Staff with pre-existing medical conditions;

5.5   Staff who are pregnant.

Work from home must be approved by the immediate supervisor and the responsible line SMT member and reported to HR.

Please note that the University is constantly monitoring and reviewing the COVID-19 pandemic and we request that USP staff and students regularly check their emails, USP website and USP social media outlets. USP DISMAC also encourages all staff and students to practice clean hygiene protocols, social distancing and limit travel and movement.

We thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.

Professor Pal Ahluwalia
Vice-Chancellor and President

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