Advisory 22

Current COVID-19 Status USP Member Countries

The following USP Campuses are in LEVEL 3 CAMPUS LOCKDOWN as per the declaration of Emergency due to COVID – 19 in their respective countries.

  1. USP Lautoka Campus
  2. USP Tonga Campus
  3. USP Samoa Campus
  4. USP Tuvalu Campus
  5. USP Vanuatu Campus
  6. USP Solomon Islands Campus
  7. USP Marshall islands

For Campuses with Level 3/RED Status – Campus Lock Down.  The following guidance applies.

·         Students are required to stay away from campus and those residing on campus are to limit movements for essential purposes only like visiting the supermarket to stock up, the pharmacy and other essential services.

·         Campus Directors are to ensure essential services staff are identified, briefed on their duties and report to work as required.

·         Campuses in  lock down status will have the same arrangements put in place as preparation for an approaching cyclone (as per the DISMAC procedures)

  • Staff should turn off all non-essential electrical appliances, move equipment away from windows and cover computers and other equipment with plastic
  • Ensure Back-up power facilities are checked and appropriately stocked,  review all cooling and refrigeration requirements to minimize risks of stock losses
  • Secure all USP valuables and business critical hardware and documentation
  • Close and secure all windows and doors and where applicable cyclone shutters should be installed.
  • Ensure the campus grounds and external surrounds are free of loose materials, furniture and other items that may become hazards in a storm
  • Campus Gates will be closed and be limited to essential traffic only
  • Secure all  work sites
  • Limit maintenance activities to essential services only (Water, electricity, Fire, Cooling etc.)

·         Campus Directors and Section Heads should send their staff list to Human Resources Laucala, listing separately those designated as essential services staff.

The Laucala and Labasa Campus are at LEVEL 2 Status.

The following campuses still remain at level 1.

  • USP Kiribati Campus
  • USP Cook Islands Campus
  • USP Niue Campus
  • USP Tokelau Campus 

All staff and students in the affected campuses above are to contact your campus Directors and see email updates by them on a daily basis.

Please refer attached USP COVID Pandemic Management Plan 2020: Click here

Travel Advisories

·         Total Travel Ban for USP Business travel to all International Countries is still in force for all USP staff and students is still in force, effective from Monday 16th March 2020.

The following countries have issued travel bans on international travel. They include RMI, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Niue, Kiribati, Cook Islands and Nauru. More countries are expected to also issue travel bans in the coming weeks.

Please seek the COVID – 19 web portal for further information:

  •  USP Staff and students returning to their respective countries from international destinations who have been instructed by Border Health Authorities for 14 days self-isolation are required to notify your immediate supervisors and SMT at the earliest opportunity and provide necessary validation on this
  • USP Staff and students returning to their respective countries from international destinations who have been cleared by Border Health Authorities to proceed into the country as normal are required to notify your immediate supervisors and SMT at the earliest opportunity and provide necessary validation on this
  • USP Staff and students returning to their respective countries from international destinations who have been quarantined by Border Health Authorities at their national quarantine facilities in the country are required to notify your immediate supervisors and SMT at the earliest opportunity .Do also notify your supervisors ASAP, if you have been quarantined in a country outside of your country of citizenship.

COVID 19 Prevention

All Staff and students are instructed NOT TO SHAKE HANDS, but use alternative NON CONTACT physical forms of salutations and greetings

  • All persons on campus are required to wash hands as frequently as possible and minimize physical contact with other persons as much as possible.
  • All staff and students are required to ensure cleaning of their work surfaces as frequently as possible.
  • All cleaners are required to clean surfaces in public areas and toilets under their responsibility as frequently as possible.
  •  All Staff and Students where possible are encouraged to bring own personal handwashing soaps, handkerchiefs, Sanitizers.
  • Any persons with fever or cough are required to seek medical attention and treatment. Stay home as per medical certification and advice your HOD / HR office.
  • All doors in high pedestrian entry points are to be kept open to minimize their frequent opening and closing.
  • All meetings of more than 5 persons are to be reverted by using Zoom and Online platforms with immediate effect.
  • Practice social distancing 2 meters at all times.

Provision of Campus Sanitation and Personal Protective Equipment’s  

  • All staffs and students given the low availability of these items from suppliers are required to bring these personal items for your individual use, where you can.
  • Where the above items have been purchased by the campus you are to contact the following regarding their supply to your workplaces.

Laucala Campus

1.       Head of Departments / Schools

2.       Director Commercials and USP book center

Please contact the below staffs from commercials to secure the suppliers for your department.

Regional Campuses

1.       Head of Department / Schools

2.       Campus Director

General Safety and Security

All staffs & students are required to do the following as a precaution given the high possibility of campuses being on Lock down at short notice.

  1. Take home all personal valuables and personal work equipment
  2. Secure doors and windows and the end of each working day.
  3. Remove and switch off electrical equipment’s including computers, printers, hot water urns, air-cons etc.

Students Liaison Officers at Laucala Campus

For regional and international students, you may contact the following USP staff if you wish to raise any concerns or seek advice

1. Ms. Laite Waseiyaroi

Regional Students under DFAT Scholarship

2. Mr. Ruveni Gacala

SAS Scholarship Officer – Regional Governments

3. Ms. Lillian Fuata

International Students

Fake News and Fearmongering

·         All USP Staff and students are requested to refrain from posting or dissemination information that are false and volatile given the global COVID 19 pandemic.

·         Such situations if found can result in the staff or student liable not only for university disciplinary action but be subject to criminal investigation and arrest.

Further Updates

All staff and students are requested to only take on board information from reliable sources such as mainstream national and international media sources, as well as health sources as the ministry of health and World Health Organization.

All Staff and Students are encouraged to read the USP COVID 19 Pandemic Management Plan

The Vice Chancellor and President shall also be making regular advisory and updates, please read them.

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