Advisory 46

Dear Staff and Students,

We are pleased to announce that the week beginning Monday 20 April 2020, we will resume Semester 1.  Although most Campuses remain in lockdown, we expect the remainder of this Semester to be taught on a remote basis. Consequently, all students can access USP teaching materials remotely through Moodle.  Please note that we expect all students to resume studying remotely next week. For students studying in trimesters or other terms, please contact your Course Coordinator for further information.

  • For our students in Fiji, Vodafone and Digicel have made provisions for their customers to access USP website and Moodle for free.
  • For our students in the Regional Campuses, similar arrangements with network providers are being sought by our Campus Directors. Regional students please stay in touch with your Campus Directors for further information.
  • Please follow advisories from your Governments regarding COVID-19 restrictions.

Special arrangements will be made for those students unable to access materials remotely when Campuses reopen.

1.       Courses in Programmes that are not externally accredited

In Semester 1, courses in Programmes that are not externally accredited will have 100% Continuous Assessment with no further face-to-face tests or face-to-face final examination. However, if required, open-book tests and/or the final examinations can be conducted online. More information on forms of assessment will be provided by your Course Coordinators.

2.       Courses in externally accredited Programmes

For courses in an externally accredited Programme where a face-to-face examination is required by the accrediting body, specific arrangements will be made to ensure that such exams are held at an appropriate time when Campuses reopen.

3.       Change of Grading System

Whilst we are confident that our students will be able to adapt to fully remote teaching, we are cognizant that some students will find such learning challenging. If a student fails a course in Semester 1 2020, neither the course nor the grade will appear on the student’s transcript, nor will the grade affect their GPA.

  • To pass a course, you will need to demonstrate, via your performance, that you have met the learning outcomes of the course. This will differ for each course but if you have any doubts please check with your Course Coordinator.
  • A Fail grade means that you have not successfully completed a course. The failed course:
    • will not appear on your Official Academic Transcript
    • will not be used in any GPA calculations
    • will not prevent you enrolling in any further courses this year for which the failed course is a prerequisite.

4.       Courses with labs, fieldwork, practicums, projects, internships, attachments

Where the above elements are required for the successful completion of a course, and cannot be accommodated with alternative arrangements, those elements will be deferred to a later date. Your Course Coordinators will provide further information when Campuses reopen.  Until these elements are completed the course will be recorded as an IP (In Progress) or I (Incomplete).

Please note that the University is constantly monitoring and reviewing the COVID-19 Pandemic and we request that USP staff and students regularly check their emails, USP website and USP social media outlets. We also encourage all staff and students to practice clean hygiene protocols, social distancing and limit travel and movement.

We thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.

Professor Pal Ahluwalia

Vice-Chancellor and President

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