Advisory 9

Travel Restrictions due to COVID 19

 Further to instructions from the Vice Chancellor and President on cancellation of all travels by USP staff and students on official business, please note below a few action points and details of the travel ban:

  1. All tickets already purchased for travels between now and 30th April 2020 are to be cancelled and travel can be re-booked at a later date. The travelers and departments are requested to contact travel agents and airlines to cancel the tickets, and hold the bookings until we re-book them once the COVID 19 threat is cleared. These includes tickets purchased for reviewers, consultants, guests, and visitors who were supposed to travel to the USP during this period. Staff and students affected can work with the Procurement office to re-book the tickets after the threat is cleared.
  2. The situation will be reviewed in mid-April and we will communicate by then on the tickets already purchased for travels after 1st May 2020.
  3. All staff who have received per diems for cancelled travels are now required to immediately refund the University the same. This can be paid at the cashier or transferred to the USP Bank account. The Accounts Payable team will follow up with staff individually as well. Staff can contact Veronica Yuen for further information.
  4. Local travel only (within the nation) is still open and the campuses are requested to adhere to local authorities and national travel advisories.

For any further information related to travel, please contact Ms Jyotika Raj at Procurement Office or Dr Roman Chute.

Kind Regards
Kolinio Boila
Executive Director Finance

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