COVID 19 Tuvalu Campus Update

Wednesday 16th November 2022 – Situation Report

Dear Staff and Students

As from last Thursday, there has been further escalation of COVID 19 infected persons to more than 1000, and also frontline health workers are also being infected in large numbers as well.

Outer islands have also reported positive cases and have imposed quarantine measures.

Seven out of the eleven staff at Tuvalu campus are COVID 19 positive and this includes the Campus Director whose quarantine period has been further extended since his arrival to Tuvalu last Thursday. No staff has been hospitalised to date.

Schools have closed until further notice on Tuvalu. Public essential services workers continue to work.

There are no curfews imposed on the islands but restrictions to businesses are in place as well as distancing and self protection measures like mask wearing is now mandatory.

Once a week flights from Fiji is still in operation.

 USP DISMAC Decisions today

  1. USP Tuvalu Campus will continue to remain closed until further notice.
  2. Only campus security staff will work on campus and all other staff are to remain and work from home.
  3. Regular updates to staff and students will be done using Tuvalu radio and TV stations, Tuvalu Campus USP Webpage and Facebook in addition to email.
  4. Course Coordinators will be informed of the exceptional challenges faced by students and staff in Tuvalu, and asked to extend deadlines for all pending assignments.
  5. Final examination schedules will depend on the campus status, and students will be kept informed.

For related enquiries, students and the public can call or email:

Olikoni Tanaki, email:  Telephone: 688 20811

Isikeli Naqaya, email:,  Telephone: 688 20811

Please keep safe, remain calm, and do your part in preventing the further spread of COVID-19 in your communities.

Vice-Chancellor and President
Professor Pal Ahluwalia (FASSA)

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