Kiribati USP Campus Update

All Staff and All Students (Kiribati Campus)

Following the Kiribati Government’s announcement of a further 1 month  lockdown starting 1st April 5am, until 29th April 5am, please note that Kiribati Campus will be closed until further notice.

The Kiribati USP Campus

Will remain closed during this time, in accordance with the government lockdown instructions

However, special arrangements for small tutorial classes to assist students with their studies may be arranged in the coming weeks and to be confirmed

Opening of the campus may be towards end of May but it will be strictly follow guidelines of social distancing of 2 meters, wear face mask, no spitting and nose blowing                      

Staff can now work from the Campus but to observe the COVID 19 guidelines

USP DISMAC in liaison with Campus Director Kiribati Campus will post updates on any evolving issues or developments during this lockdown period, over the next 2 months

For related enquiries, students and the public can call or email:

Taoniman Takaeang, email, mobile number: 73062255,

Peter Ioteba, email:,  mobile number:  73029529

Takuia Uakeia, email:, ph number: 75021085

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