Important message by USP DISMAC (15/06/2021)

Dear Students and Staff,

We are fully supportive of the work the Fijian Government and the respective Ministries in fighting the current COVD-19 outbreak in Viti Levu. USP Management is committed to securing the welfare of our students and staff by working with the campus community to ensure our Laucala Campus is not the next source of transmission, by having in place a pass scheme for students for only essential movements off Campus and continuous advisories on maintaining COVID protocols.

The welfare of our staff and students is our primary concern and as part of our duty of care we are informing you of the options open to you.

Firstly, we recommend that you support the Fijian Governments’ National Vaccination Campaign and register for the COVID vaccination at and take both courses of the vaccine.

Secondly, if you believe you should not register for the vaccine on medical grounds please contact the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for confirmation. However, if you choose not to have the vaccination USP will continue with our duty of care to you as a student or an employee. The vaccination protects the individual who has been vaccinated, it does not protect those who have not been vaccinated . For those that remain unvaccinated we will put into place very strict movement restrictions to protect their health, this would mean self-isolation and not being allowed to attend the workplace.

To enable our lives to move back to some normality, you must take this opportunity to sign up for the vaccination. If you require any further information please follow the following links:

It is our intention to mitigate the risks of USP Laucala becoming the next COVID hot-spot.



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