Wearing of Face Mask on Campus


Wearing of Face Mask on Campus

All persons on campus are required to wear face masks at all times.

The following are the only exceptions to the requirement to use face masks:

  • Players participating in sports on campus, including walkers and joggers. Employees working in their private workplaces (face masks must be worn in shared workspaces)
  • Within the confines of personal vehicles
  • Residents within their own homes and hostel rooms
  • Eating or drinking in cafeterias and common rooms

USP Security reserves the right to evict any person not wearing face masks from campus, building or public spaces where this is required, this also refers to outdoor bures and walkway;

All workplace heads and supervisors are to ensure that your staff comply to wearing face masks;

All lecturers, labs, and library personnel must ensure that students and users of these spaces wear face masks;

All event organisers are to ensure that participants and persons present at the event site wear face masks.

Message from USP Security and OHS 

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