To All Staff & Students – FIJI Campuses and Centers Only

Given the recent lifting of the daily curfew and relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions announced by the Fiji Acting Prime Minister on Sunday 6th of February 2022, please note the following measures will now be in place for all Fiji Campuses.

The following will no longer apply:

  • Midnight – 4am daily curfew
  • Use of care Fiji App to access venues
  • Presentation of personal Vaccination cards at entry points and use of VAX – Check Tool
  • 80% limit capacity for Public Service Vehicles entering or used by campuses will cease, all such vehicles can now seat passengers at full capacity.

The following measures will continue:

  • Face Mask wearing is mandatory on campuses and centers
  • Temperature checks for staff and students entering premises
  • 80% capacity for all indoor teaching learning and administration workplaces
  • 80% capacity for Laucala Campus Gym
  • For staff and students who test positive for COVID-19, seven (7) days self-isolation period at home. For staff, you are required to provide a Medical Certificate.

Each of us are responsible for our own personal health and safety. Please remain vigilant at all times and take extra precaution to ensure you and others remain COVID-19 free in our community.

Professor Pal Ahluwalia
Vice-Chancellor and President

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