Tonga - COVID 19 - Campus Closure

All Staff and All Students (Tonga Campus)

Following the Tonga Government’s announcement of a hard lockdown of Tongatapu and Vava’u Group of Islands starting 5am Sunday 20th March until 5am Saturday 26th March, USP Tonga campus will be closed for the period stated.

Students are encouraged to join the Radio Orientation this afternoon at 6 pm (Tonga Time).                                                                                                                                                      

For the USP Tonga Campus;

  • Staff and students except for campus security personnel are to work /learn from home during this period and or seek clarification on leave and work from home arrangements from their supervisors
  • Staff and students are to comply with all COVID 19 protection advisories issued by the government and health authorities for their communities
  • USP DISMAC in liaison with Campus Director Campus Tonga will provide updates on any evolving issues or developments during this lockdown period
  • For Semester 1 admission, enrolment and orientation related enquiries, students can call or email:
  1. For General Enquiries contact Ms ‘Ana Ve’ehala (; 8444115) and Mr Lofan Tupou (; 7712612)
  2. For Degree programmes new and continuing  (in country and private students), contact Ms ‘Ana Ve’ehala (; 8444115)
  3. For Post-Graduate and Master programmes contact Ms ‘Ana Ve’ehala (; 8444115)
  4. For Preliminary, Foundation and School Based queries. Contact Mr Lofan Tupou (; 7712612)
  5. For Certificate and Diploma Programmes (Vocational and Skill Based Programmes) queries contact (; 7712612)
  6. For Student online services (SOLs) and Moodle access issues contact
  7. For Course materials and texts books queries contact Ms Silina Malungahu (; 7208107)

Keep safe, remain calm, and do your part in preventing the further spread of COVID-19 in your communities.

Dr Robin Siale Havea, PhD
Campus Director
Tonga Campus

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