Tuvalu Campus COVID-19 Advisory

Dear Staff and Students (Tuvalu Campus)

The Tuvalu Campus will be closed this week from Monday 14th November 2022 until further notice due to the escalating numbers of COVID-19 transmissions within the community.

During this time, only essential staff will be on Campus to man the functions of the University while the majority of staff will work from home, until further notice.

Students will continue to study remotely until further notice.

Staff and students are to comply with all COVID-19 protection advisories issued by the government and health authorities for their communities.

USP DISMAC in liaison with Director Tuvalu Campus & SLS Tuvalu Campus will post updates on any evolving issues or developments during this period.

All USP Tuvalu Campus students are asked to contact their Course Coordinators for extension on assignments and exam due dates.  Attached is a list of Course Coordinators for all Schools.  

Please keep safe, remain calm, and do your part in preventing the further spread of COVID-19 in your communities.

Vice-Chancellor and President
Professor Pal Ahluwalia (FASSA)

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