USP Kiribati Campus’ Partnership with International Youth Fellowship


The University of the South Pacific (USP) has always been at the forefront of academic excellence and community engagement, as outlined in its strategic plans. The partnership of USP Kiribati Campus with the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) of South Korea, led by Pastor Joseph Yoon, significantly aligns with USP’s strategic objectives, particularly in enhancing regional campuses and global engagement. This report outlines the contributions and impacts of this partnership since its initiation in 2018.

USP’s strategic plans emphasize fostering an environment that supports innovative teaching, cultural diversity, and international collaboration. The ongoing partnership with IYF reflects these objectives, providing students at USP KC with unique opportunities for personal growth and cultural exchange.

The partnership between USP KC and the IYF has significantly enhanced educational and developmental opportunities for students, aligning closely with both USP’s strategic goals and the USP Kiribati Campus Strategic and Annual Plan. Key achievements include:

Enhanced Learning Opportunities: IYF’s mind education workshops and youth education seminars have enriched USP KC’s curriculum with essential soft skills like emotional intelligence and leadership, which are crucial for holistic student development and aligned with USP’s goal of providing innovative, transformative education.

Promotion of Regional and Cultural Diversity: USP KC students regularly participate in IYF’s online international conferences and cultural exchange tour, which are vital for promoting inclusivity and diversity. These events allow students to celebrate their Pacific heritage and appreciate the cultural diversity of others, supporting USP’s aim to enhance regional and cultural diversity across campuses.

Strengthening Global Engagement: By participating in IYF-facilitated webinars and international conferences, USP KC students engage with global peers, expanding their perspectives and strengthening USP’s role as an international hub for dialogue and collaboration, contributing to the university’s strategic focus on global engagement.
Community and Leadership Development: IYF’s seminars and workshops are instrumental platforms for developing leadership skills and engaging in community projects, aligning with USP’s mission to empower students to initiate and lead impactful community initiatives and supporting strategic community engagement and leadership goals.

Global Citizenship: Students’ active participation in international settings through IYF initiatives fosters a profound sense of global citizenship. This experience prepares them to operate effectively in a globalised environment, fulfilling USP’s goal of producing globally competitive graduates. Additionally, last year, approximately 20 students from USP KC attended the IYF Youth Camp in Busan, South Korea. During the camp, they engaged in various activities and had the opportunity to showcase their Kiribati culture through traditional dancing, further enhancing their global perspective and cultural exchange.

Cultural Competency: Exposure to diverse cultures and practices enhances students’ ability to navigate and respect multicultural environments, directly supporting USP’s aim to enhance regional and cultural diversity.

Networking Opportunities: Building connections with international counterparts offers students and faculty invaluable networking opportunities that can lead to collaborative research and educational projects, aligning with USP’s strategic priority of expanding its global network and partnerships.

As we move forward, USP KC’s ongoing collaboration with IYF remains a cornerstone for achieving the strategic goals of regional empowerment and global engagement. Current initiatives, such as fundraising for educational tours and expanding participation in IYF programs in South Korea this year, continue to support these strategic priorities.

The partnership between USP KC and the International Youth Fellowship of South Korea serves as a model for how international collaborations can enhance educational quality and cultural understanding in line with strategic university objectives. It not only enriches the student experience but also advances USP’s mission towards regional and global prominence.

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