USP Student Learning Support team earned international recognition


The Student Learning Support (SLS) team under the Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) at The University of the South Pacific (USP) emerged triumphant in not one but two prestigious awards categories under the

Entrepreneurship and Engagement Excellence in Higher Education (Triple E Awards).

The team scored the People’s Choice Award in the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team category and secured an outstanding fourth-place finish in the highly competitive Global category.

The SLS Team’s innovation has earned them these prestigious global awards, validating the exceptional impact of their initiative that have recognised and admired by peers and the wider community.

This accolade highlights the strength, skills, and innovative ideas internationally as USP was among 54 other participating countries from four regions around the world.

The SLS team developed and piloted a support framework in 2022 that rested on the pillars of accessibility, equity, and self-paced, student-centred learning.

Developed post-COVID, the framework ensured that students had access to support services 24/7 regardless of their location, mode of study or any potential lockdown. The Online Interactive Workshops were the first of its kind, resulting in 5,074 student engagement.

There were seven awards in each of the four participating regions, namely America, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. The award categories were as follows.

1. Entrepreneurial University of the Year Award

2. Engaged University of the Year Award

3. Male Entrepreneurial Leader of the Year Award

4. Female Entrepreneurial Leader of the Year Award

5. Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year Award

6. Community Engagement Initiative of the Year Award

7. SDG Initiative of the Year Awards award

USP also competed in the three Global Awards categories: Green University of the Year, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team of the Year and Innovation Ecosystem of the Year Award.

USP’s Centre for Flexible Learning Director, Dr Rajni Chand and the SLS team expressed their gratitude to the USP community for their support.

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