Preliminary Business

The Preliminary Business Studies programme (PBS) is designed for students who wish to pursue foundation studies in the commerce stream or take up certificate or diploma studies in the skills based  programmes of Pacific TAFE.  Students will learn the basic rules, concepts and theories required for further studies in Accounting and Economics at the Foundation level as well as communications skills in an academic context.  This programme provides opportunities for students to be creative, work collaboratively and use technology a a learning tool.

The Preliminary Business Programme will offer the following courses:

Code Course Title Semester
LLP14 Preliminary English A 1 and 2
LLP15 Preliminary English B 1 and 2
AFP01 Preliminary Accounting I 1
AFP02 Preliminary Accounting II 2
ECP02 Preliminary Microeconomics 1
ECP03 Preliminary Macroeconomics 2
ISP21 Introduction to Information, Communications and Technology 2
MAP11 Basic Preliminary Mathematics 1
MAP12 Preliminary Mathematics A 1
MAP13 Preliminary Mathematics B 2


To complete the Preliminary Business programme, students must pass LLP14 and LLP15 and any three courses from: AFP01, APF02, ECP02, ECP03.

  • For the remainder of the eight courses, students may select from the following optional courses: MAP11 and ISP21
  • If a student is intending to take up Economics and Accounting in Foundation Studies, then MAP12 and MAP13 are also compulsory

A student will enrol in the following courses to complete in the year long programme:

Semester 1 Semester 2
MAP11 or MAP12 ISP21 or MAP12


Foundation Business

The Foundation Business programme (FNBS) is  recognised with the Universities New Zealand.


The Foundation Business programme  (FNBS) is designed to prepare students for degree studies in commerce and other related undergraduate programmes.  Students will develop skills in using accounting information , perform economic calculations and analyse simple real life events to determine the operation of a business.  Students will also learn the basic principles and concepts necessary for further studies in official statistics.  This programme will also provide opportunities for students to be creative, work collaboratively and use technology as a learning tool.

The Foundation Business programme will offer the following courses:

Code Course Title Semester
LLF14 Foundation  English A 1 and 2
LLF15 Foundation English B 1 and 2
AFF01 Basic Accounting A 1
AFF02 Basic Accounting B 2
ECF04 Foundation Economics 1
OSF01 Introduction to Official Statistics 2
EPF01 Foundation Entrepreneurship 2
MAF11 Foundation Mathematics A 1
MAF12 Foundation Mathematics B 2


  • To complete the Foundation Business programme, students must pass LLF14 and LLF15 and MAF11 and MAF12 for commerce students who will pursue a degree in Economics or Finance.
  • In addition, students will be required to select from the list of courses under the Foundation Business programme, including at least three courses from AFF01, AFF02, OSF01, ECF04.  Students may select the remaining course(s) from the following: MAF21, ISF21, CSF12, LNF21, HYF01, PLF01, SOF01, SOF02, GEF01, GEF02 and may choose one from the following electives CCF01, EPF01, JNF01.
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