Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (Level 5)

This programme is nationally accredited on the Fiji Qualifications Framework (FQF) by the Higher Education Commission Fiji (HECF), and is also registered on the Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards (PRQS).


Digital marketing serves as the bridge connecting brands to consumers through the vast landscape of the internet, propelling sales, elevating product visibility, and outpacing competitors.  In this dynamic realm, measurable and adaptable digital campaigns become essential tools for enhancing brand awareness and guiding organizations through the intricacies of the digital landscape.  Specializing in digital marketing is the key to orchestrating impactful campaigns and achieving superior business outcomes.

Our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing equips learners with the skills, knowledge, and understanding required for success in digital marketing role.  Rigorous assessments ensure a deep comprehension of digital marketing as a competitive business tool.  The program’s learning outcomes include:

  • Demonstrate Expertise: Showcase specific knowledge in digital marketing communications
  • Research Mastery: Conduct online research adeptly, identifying lucrative marketing opportunities
  • Marketing Principles: Explain fundamental principles and practices of contemporary marketing approaches
  • Digital Tools Proficiency: Apply methods, tools and technologies integral to digital marketing
  • Conversion Insights: Grasp the importance of conversion and wield marketing analytics effectively
  • Strategic Prowess: Plan and execute dynamic digital marketing strategies for maximum impact
  • Analytical Skills: Evaluate and analyze marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights for business

Eligibility/Admission Requirements

To be admitted to this programme a person shall have:

i. Pass in Senate recognized Year 12 or equivalent with English; and

ii. Minimum of two years of relevant work experience: or

iii Met the mature student admission criteria




Course Information

This programme has a total of ten (10) courses:

Code Course Title Semester
CEDM50 Principles of Marketing cohort
CEDM51 Digital Marketing Foundations cohort
CEDM52 Social Media Marketing cohort
CEDM53 Search Marketing cohort
CEDM54 Content and Email Marketing cohort
CEDM55 Website, Mobile, and E-Commerce cohort
CEDM56 Digital Advertising and Selling cohort
CEDM57 Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics cohort
CEDM58 Digital Customer Experience cohort
CEDM59 Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning cohort



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