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Susan Sela

Greetings and Welcome to The University of the South Pacific (USP), Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE) website. We trust that you will find our site informative and useful.

USP’s Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE) is a strategically amalgamated and integrated learning and teaching section, which offers high quality Skills Based Qualifications (SBQ’s), Foundation, and Preliminary studies.

The programmes provide employment opportunities at entry and para professional levels, pathways for higher studies at USP where approved, and career advancement for working people. The three learning and teaching units are;

  • College of Foundation Studies (CFS)
  • College of Continuing Vocational Education and Training (CVET)
  • Workforce Development Training Unit (WDTU)

The regional composition of staff and students, augmented by colleagues and students from outside the Pacific region gives Pacific TAFE a healthy diversity of nationalities, religions, cultures, ethnic groups and languages.

USP Pacific TAFE strives to bring internationally certified programmes in partnerships with international agencies to meet specific skills demand, which may not at times necessarily be met by university-credited programmes. Despite economies of scale being lower in the Pacific compared to developed economies, Pacific workforce should not be denied of certified programmes to bring out best practices in critically important areas. We are committed to fulfilling the challenge of providing the highest possible quality of education while addressing the changing circumstances and needs of the Pacific region. While we are pleased to be regarded as a good example of successful self-funding unit, we recognize that we must continue to be a dynamic institution responsive to regional and global developments.

Pacific Technical and Further Education

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