Favourited Programmes

School of Pacific Arts, Communication and Education

Bachelor of Arts

A Double Major in Pacific Language Studies
3 Years Full Time, 6 Years Part Time
Courses for a Double Major [Pacific Language Studies]: UU100, UU114, LN118, UU200, UU204, LN216, LN317, plus 5 courses from one of the language tracks. Language Tracks French: FR101, LN111, FR201, FR301, FR302 Chinese: CN101, LN111, CN201, CN301, CN302 Cook Islands Maori (for fluent speakers): CM111, CM211, CM212, CM311, CM331 Fijian (for fluent speakers): FJ111, FJ121, FJ211, FJ221, plus FJ311 or FJ321 Hindi (for fluent speakers): HN111, HN121, HN211, HN221, plus HN321 or HN331 Rotuman: RT101, RT201, RT311, RT321, plus one of LN111, FJ101, HN101 Tongan and Niuafo'ou (for fluent speakers): TG111, TG211, plus three of TG212, TG311, TG321, TG331 Vagahau Niue (for fluent speakers): NU111, NU131, NU211, plus two of NU212, NU311, NU331 Vanuatu languages (for fluent speakers of Bislama): VA111, VA112, plus three of VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312 Languages of the region: Two courses from FJ101, HN101, CM101, FR101, CN101, RT101, plus one or two courses from LN211, CM212, FJ212, HN212, TG212, NU212, VA212, FR201, CN201, RT201 plus one or two courses from LN311, LN319, LT331, HN331 Courses for a Double Major [Pacific Vernacular Language]: Cook Islands Maori: UU100, UU114, LN118, CM111, UU200, UU204, CM211, CM212, CM311, CM331. Fijian Studies: UU100, UU114, FJ111, FJ121; plus one 100 level course from: LT102, LT104, LN118 or another 100 level course approved by the Head of School or nominee; plus UU200, UU204, FJ211, FJ212, FJ221, FJ311, FJ321. Hindi Studies: UU100, UU114, HN111, HN121; plus another 100 level course approved by the Head of School or nominee; plus UU200, UU204, HN211, HN212, HN221, HN321, HN331. Tongan and Niuafo'ou: UU100, UU114, LN118, TG111, UU200, UU204, TG211, TG212, TG311, TG321, TG331, plus one course from LN111, LN211, LN216, LN311, LN317 or LN319.