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Student Testimonials

I’ve always been a keen AFL Nauru football player so when I attempted studies at USP Nauru Campus back in 2011 and then again in 2017 I could not complete my goals at that time due to conflicting commitments. Since I started working in my current role, I have been inspired to return to education and build up my knowledge and understanding on a professional level. Now I am back with a new motive to ‘just do it anyway’ and I’m thankful to USP Nauru Campus for providing me with mentoring support to help me in my studies, for without this my learning journey would have been much more difficult. Although studying part time is tough because I have to find a balance between work, studies and sport priorities, I realized that as long as you stay committed to your plan and put your heart into it, you will achieve your goals.

My journey began with USP Nauru after I graduated from NSS with the year 12 QCE qualification and was the recipient of the DUX award 2020. I enrolled in USP as this was the only university in the country since the whole world was on lockdown, I have come to enjoy my time here in USP.
What I love most about USP is the staff and the facilities, it’s a great positive environment to study. USP Nauru is a small campus and therefore the staff will go out of their way to make sure I get all the help I need for my academic needs. They are friendly and they make school feel like a second home.
I hope to attain a qualification in Medical and Health that has always been my dream. I am currently doing an under classified programme in preparation for a programme in Medicine. USP has many courses and programmes with many different types of qualifications and I was happy and excited when I found out that USP can provide a study path for me.
I encourage anyone who is considering higher education to enroll in USP. We may not have a lot here but from my experience, the USP staff will get everything you need to help you reach your dreams.

Alumni Testimonials

I graduated with a Certificate in Counselling from USP Pacific TAFE in July 2021. I chose this program because of my passion to support and help kids. With TAFE, programs are accessible and flexible which was a plus for me as a working single mother.
I grew up without any formal education. Pacific TAFE has given me a foundation and an opportunity to get back into education and achieving a better life for me and my children. USP has given me that. USP gave me another chance on a better future.
I started my studies when my youngest started school. There was no one left at home, I felt that I needed to keep myself busy. <br I work full time as a student welfare counsellor for Nauru Secondary School and a part time tutor for Lovoni’s Baptist private school on Saturdays. While I am working, I am also studying for my Diploma in Counselling hoping to one-day graduate with a Bachelor.
Completing my Certificate IV in Counselling has improved my knowledge and skills regarding my work. My knowledge has expanded and it makes me more involved and knowledgeable and it allows me to do my work 10 times better.
I hope that working and studying at the same at my age would inspire and empower my children, to show them they with education - the sky is the limit and if you put your mind into something. You can achieve it.

In the race to get successful, often the vulnerable are left neglected. My advice would be to take into consideration the needs of the vulnerable population when choosing a career. For we as the privileged few should work for the betterment of all the members of the society.

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If you have aspirations that fall in the realm of IT, USP Pacific TAFE’s IT programme can help you achieve them. I chose to study Diploma of Information Technology at USP Pacific TAFE due to the combination of great academic advisors, very helpful teaching facilitators, and the programme being very practical and engaging. I love the hands-on approach that the programme facilitators take in facilitating the programme. The assignments and exercises provided are very industry related and prepare us well for our future careers. Most importantly USP Pacific TAFE prepares work ready graduate. I was recruited as a student intern to assist with IT related work whilst taking up IT studies at the same time. The work experience was a boost in theory work and also enhanced my practical knowledge. Through my perseverance and dedication, I also received the Gold Medal for best IT graduate. USP Pacific TAFE has industry based facilitators who are well equipped with vast knowledge. With experience gained at USP PTAFE, I registered in to Professional and Training programmes offered at USP Pacific TAFE which further enhanced my knowledge. I would recommend USP Pacific TAFE’s IT programme to anyone who wants a flexible and comprehensive learning experience.

I chose USP Pacific TAFE because of the opportunities that it provided especially for us working mothers. The quality of education provided by USP Pacific TAFE gave me the confidence and credentials to be marketable in the job market, thus enabling me to successfully look for work in a white collar industry.

I completed a trial (the standard, by invitation, 8 hours of work, no pay) for a Commis position here in Honolulu and was offered a Demi Chef de Partie role. That is a level up in professional kitchens, so, yeah, that was very strong training at Pacific Fusion and, in Fiji and Samoa where I worked in between my culinary studies at USP. Am proud of my association with Pacific TAFE and strongly recommend it for anyone intent in learning the basics of the trade. I plan to own and operate my food business here in Honolulu. My passion is to showcase the diversity and depth of Polynesian cuisine, connect it to the seasons, the environment and my heritage.

My work responsibilities involve planning production, maintaining product quality standards, managing commercial category equipment and stock control My training covered operations planning and budgets, apart from hands-on skills development in yeast goods, pastries, cakes, sugar work and chocolate work. I was trained at Certificate IV in Patisserie by Reema Singh, the award winning National Pastry Chef of the Year, 2019. The programme standards, interactive sessions and strong industry experience of my Trainer were highlights of my USP experience. I am further developing my professional skills, saving up, waiting out COVID-19, and then will venture out pursuing an international career in Patisserie

After completing a Master’s degree, I was looking for a course or programme that would help me design training packages for adult learners in the TVET sector. The Certificate IV in Training & Assessment at USP’s Pacific TAFE gave me exactly what I was looking for. The programme exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed my learning journey. The course format and flexibility allowed me to fit in even with my challenging work commitments. I enjoyed the supportive attitude and timely feedback along the way. Great student support and the teaching staff are highly trained and very helpful.

After completing the project management programme, I have developed on both personal and professional level. I can highlight that the experience not only made me a better person but also prepared me in my career. As an Energy Sales Manager, the project management programme assisted me in maximizing efficiency implementation of detail project plans, keeping track of goals and tasks. Project management programme also highlights the importance of time and setting of goals and objective. It also provides an opportunity to learn new skill set that individuals need in producing well documented project proposals.

I have graduated with Certificate III in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) from USP Pacific TAFE, Emalus Campus, Vanuatu. I found the ECCE programme offered under USP Pacific TAFE very comprehending, affordable and more practical in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education. I am proud of my achievement and I am currently taking Certificate IV in ECCE, as my future goal is to achieve a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. I had a great experience with my facilitator and fellow student friends at Emalus campus which has motivated me to continue with my education. Through USP Pacific TAFE, I was able to get the opportunity to continue with my education after 32 years and successfully got a secure job as an ECCE teacher.

I chose USP Pacific TAFE because the programmes offered are internationally accredited or recognized and well established. USP also offered the programme that I wanted to pursue. I chose my field of study because I always wanted to work in an office, in management field, and USP Pacific TAFE offered programme that could be studied on online basis as well. The graduates of Pacific TAFE are also able to find jobs easily and adapt to the workplace

I graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology from USP Pacific TAFE in 2018. I chose Pacific TAFE because of the accessible and flexible nature of the programs, as well as the combination of real life / practical skills and theoretical knowledge that they offer. While I was a student, I was taken in as an intern and trained by the staff. This mentorship was a wonderful capacity building and career development opportunity for me. At the end of the internship, I was able to join Pacific TAFE as an IT Officer, which gave me even greater exposure at a regional level in the field of IT. Pacific TAFE played a substantial role in my career progression to join one of the leading Pacific regional organisations, SPC, which was a dream come true for me.
I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and GIS at USP, and I am glad that I was able to cross-credit units from my Diploma program to my Degree program. This has made it very easy for me to continue my education and upgrade my qualification further. Vinaka Pacific TAFE!


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