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Student Testimonials

Prior to my tertiary education, my career goals were of a narrow perspective. However, being part of the university, has given me the opportunity to explore many career paths. Being able to experience various learning modes and a learning environment of peers and exceptional teaching staff from different ethnicities, has made it worthwhile.

Studying at USP has been a great investment in the development of my study life. I am currently in the second year of study and plan on doing my postgraduate degree at this University. With my Bachelor of Commerce studies, the knowledge and skills I am acquiring allows me to point myself towards the future and understand the world around me. The faculty and administration at the school are accessible, sociable, and have helped to support me since the commencement of the first school day. Everything about the experience is better than I had hoped. I have joined as a Peer Mentor from past semesters which has offered insights into my qualifications as well as helped me to perform like a professional. I feel that USP helps students prepare to face any challenges and also helps us to feel that capable of success.

The University of the South Pacific has given me a lot to take back home from its dynamic educational environment. Gaining lifetime experience, expanding networks, assistance from the best teaching teams and diverse skills and knowledge, USP has shaped my future. From a quiet personality to being confident in conducting mentoring sessions, I would say USP has well designed courses that can give wings to your dream job. The journey was indeed a great learning experience

Alumni Testimonials

I truly believe that studying Economics/Official Statistics was one of the best decisions I have made. It's such a diverse field so there is something for everyone - do not lose hope!

Nothing bad ever came from working hard.

I have completed my BCom, PGDCRM and MCom from SAFE at USP. SAFE has moulded me really well by providing an outstanding support system of colleagues and Professors both locally and internationally. My experience at SAFE has turned into a journey I never thought possible, and I cannot be more thankful.

I studied Economics at USP from Foundation to postgraduate level. Now I work in the Trade and Investment Promotions team at Investment Fiji. Undoubtedly, my time at USP has provided me the foundational knowledge and discipline that guides me in my work today.

I can honestly say that the USP School of Accounting, Finance and Economics has contributed immensely to my successful career and progress. It has provided me a unique and powerful ability in building my career in the customized area of banking. That ability, along with the tutors and lecturers that have the experience and knowledge necessary to seamlessly integrate theory with real world applications has led me to secure a good job. USP is undoubtedly phenomenal and most recommended.

Majoring in Official Statistics was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did it provide me a better understanding of National Statistical Systems, but it also allowed me to broaden my knowledge, skills and ability in other disciplines such as Demography and Economics. I am now a Teaching Assistant in SAFE. I encourage you to choose Official Statistics as your major.

Mr. Lindsay Thoma is a recent graduate of USP. In 2019, he graduated with a Diploma in Population Studies and Demography. Before pursing his studies, Mr. Thoma was employed in the Department of Statistics as the Statistic Officer for Social Services.
This qualification according to Mr. Thoma was significant and necessary for his work. He says that “This given opportunity has enhanced my knowledge as I’ve learnt so much I can apply to my work”.
He also adds that USP is different from other universities in New Zealand or Australia as USP offers programmes and courses that is based and focused on official statistical work rather than mathematical statistics and calculations.
The USP Student Learning Support a program that support all students in their attempts to pursue academic studies and is very much embedded in transition issues as well as learning needs and issues. “Getting back into studying there were basic things that I have forgotten like writing proper essays and the student learning support helped refresh my mind”, he says of the USP SLS.
He noted that while his department offers many internships, there are not many interested with the work his department handles. He says “Many would rather have hands on work with departments such as the treasury or health, but statistics is much more than just gathering and adding numbers”. He hopes to change this perspective in the coming future as Statistics is a crucial part of the government.

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