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Student Testimonials

USP, a fabulous University to be!! Coming to study at USP is a remarkable lifetime opportunity for me as a regional student. Generally, the environment, the vision, mission and the graduating core values hold the fundamental pillars that this premier institution aspires to achieve. Personally, engaging with Science at USP is a milestone and lifelong learning experience. Profoundly, it enables, deepens and employs students to be rational as well as critical in their articulations. More so, the context of scientific study here is very relevant to our regional needs without compromising on the global standards and quality of delivery. The learning platform and modes of teaching are incredibly diverse but inclusive. The lecturers are some of the finest researchers in their respective areas of specialty that enriches students’ knowledge and provide a fulfilling learning experience.

It is a challenge being a university student. Then again everything in life is a challenge. I have been studying here at USP-Samoa Campus for 3 years already and I can confidently say that I love it here. The campus offers limited face to face courses but this only makes it more focused. Not only that, but the campus also provides a wide range of other programmes online which are made available to students. On campus we learn to make our own choices. We are free to do as we please; however, this freedom comes with limits and the responsibility of making sure to abide by campus regulations. I learned teamwork, made new friends and maybe picked up basic phrases from other languages due to the multi-cultural nature of USP. The campus also provides the opportunity for one to showcase their abilities in terms of leadership, sportsmanship and others. USP-Samoa campus is a small campus. But is an understatement because the ripples of its positive impacts stretch further than the Pacific Ocean. I chose agriculture because I hated gardening life. Growing up, I never enjoyed doing outdoor gardening activities. However, as I matured I started to think about my future and how I will end up depending on the soil to plant my food, how I will need to raise chickens for local meat which I love so much.
I came to the realization that Agriculture is a part of life and that I would not be alive and healthy today if my parents had not planted the taro we ate for dinner every night. I started growing interest and even though I struggled at first with Agriculture courses I kept trying. Eventually things became easy enough to work with. Agriculture as a major may seem simple, but it opens many doors to multiple career options because mastery of Agriculture requires mastery of other subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting and Economics. There is so much more to studying Agriculture on this Campus, and that is the beauty of it and the main reason I am still enjoying the choice I made 3 years ago.

Why did you choose to study at SAGEONS, USP?
Studying Chemistry and Biology under SAGEONS is to achieve my aim of acquiring knowledge, skills, and to understand the molecular level of the environment and its significance.
What have you enjoyed most about the Programme so far?
BSc overs great or massive learning experience you could ever dream of. The program is enjoyable in a sense that it allows you to experience new ideas or knowledge behind what is visible within our environment.
Are you involved with any clubs, societies or any other extracurricular activities at the university and how do they add to your overall university experience?
Engaging myself in group projects in carrying out field or lab experiment makes the learning interesting, where it motivates me to keep working harder to achieve my aim.
Apart from that, involving in religious, soccer and gym activities is fun and enjoyable in terms maintaining the metal, social and physical health.
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SAGEONS is available to student interested in pursuing their studies in all variety of science disciplines (BSc, MSc, Esc, etc.). It overs professional learning experience through helpful and supportive professors, tutors and teaching assistances.

Why did you choose to study at SAGEONS, USP?
Ever since high school, I knew I wanted to pursue the natural sciences. But I was confused on whether I should go with Biology or Chemistry. Ultimately I chose SAGEONS because the BSc programme provided me with an opportunity to study both fields. The option to pick areas I wished to specialize in, along with the diverse student and teaching body solidified my decision.
What have you enjoyed most about the programme so far?
The courses are engaging and interactive. I enjoyed getting hands-on experience through the several lab practicals we had.
Are you involved with any clubs, societies or any other extracurricular activities at the university and how do they add to your overall university experience?
I occasionally volunteered with the Chemical Society of the South Pacific The opportunity to work closely with several talented staff and students offered me a new perspective on my goals.
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The staff at the University of the South Pacific genuinely cares about your education and making your student experience a positive one.

Being a student again after graduating from the University of the South Pacific for more than 25 years is such a rewarding experience. I have never dreamed and even thought that I would end up in the classroom again. But, here I am being so blessed with the opportunity given to further my studies to a higher level. Indeed I am grateful and I support the famous saying that “age is not the limit to going further and gaining a higher and a better education”.
I’m grateful to GOD my heavenly Father for his love and guidance and for never giving up on me. I extend my sincere gratitude to the government of Tonga for funding my studies and for all my families and friends for the strong support that enabled me to continue my academic journey. A great fakamalo to my lecturers, my Samoan families and my Tongan family at Alafua, Samoa Campus for your love, encouragements and your support that keep me going strong until I accomplish my goals at university.
I am so blessed to be educated at the USP-Samoa Campus and I can say that I have gained in-depth knowledge and improved my skills in the areas that I am interested in. Since I have taught for almost 20 years after graduating from USP, I do believe that I have learnt new methods of teaching, gain content and core knowledge of my major subjects and I have acquired new ways of farming as well as new strategies to improve learning and teaching for the benefit of my students.
I love to study at USP as this will always be a part of me because this is where I learnt how to grow crops and raise different animals. This is also the place where I learnt about a variety of island cultures and island languages. This is the place that reminds me of my true identity. I wish to encourage and challenge future generations to come to USP. I enjoy living among a multicultural community that share common values and beliefs but most of all I love living among a community of people that help and support each other. God bless you all.

Alumni Testimonials

I am so grateful that Samoa has it’s own USP campus. After teaching for 20 years, I still have that feeling of learning something new and there was no other place to go to but USP.
I entered USP as a matured student in 2017. Three years of learning was very challenging however the tutors and lecturers were very friendly and easy to approach. USP Samoa campus was my home away from home. All the people working there were my mentors, motivators, advisers, disciplinarians and of course my friends. What i love the most was the experience of meeting new people and making new friends with other students from around the Pacific. USP has offered a wide range of learning modes from face to face to online learning or DFL. . I have learnt to be more strategic and organized, observant and analytical which makes works more manageable and enjoyable at the same time. Lastly, USP has given me a life changing experience. I am a College Principal now, however this would not be made possible without the assistance of the high caliber tutors and lecturers whom have taught me lifetime leadership skills and helped shaped my career.


Studying at USP has enriched me with the necessary skills and content knowledge I needed in the teaching of chemistry and physics at high school level. I have also enjoyed learning and making friends with other ethnic groups around the region.


USP has shaped me into becoming a habitual learner and to always think critically!
USP has empowered my career with great network and lifetime friends whom I share memories of life changing experiences.
I have learnt that refusing to give up is the first step to becoming successful. Make robust goals so that any obstacles or failures will only motivate you!


The University of the South Pacific provides ALL a person needs in order to serve his/her own family, community and nation. USP is the BEST.”


He secured a prestigious John Allwright fellowship to undertake a PhD study at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. Dr. Sukal started his career as a conservation scientist at Birdlife International and then later joined Center of Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT) of the Pacific Community (SPC). One of the highlights of his career is to establish a protocol to enable the pathogen testing of yams to facilitate germplasm exchange to improve food security and facilitate commercial agricultural opportunities in the Pacific region. He is now a qualified plant virologist and is currently heading the germplasm health testing of CePaCT-SPC. Dr. Sukal recognizes that USP has been instrumental in shaping his career so that he can serve the Pacific region, addressing the food security issues.

I continued my postgraduate studies under the Graduate Assistant Program, taking up a Master of Science in Chemistry. During my research journey, I have worked in the field of Environmental Chemistry, having researched on evaluating methane in ambient air and from the agriculture sector. I have worked with excellent scientists in an exceptional research environment at USP. My research experience has contributed tremendously to my career, enabling me to bridge gaps between science and policy. These achievements have helped me to stand out in my career and brought me to new heights both nationally and internationally.

I grew up in a farming family where our livelihood depended on agriculture and the daily struggle to generate a consistent income was real. Agriculture was a field I wanted to further my studies in because I believed that if done well, it can be the backbone of my country’s economy. I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Agriculture at the University of the South Pacific Alafua Campus. I continued my studies under a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Hawaii, Manoa and attained a PhD. I have worked for international organisations such as UNDP and FAO. I have taught at the University level and currently, I am the Assistant Chief Executive Officer for the Agriculture Sector Coordination Division in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Samoa. The Agriculture Program at USP gave me the foundation and opportunities to put into action my dreams.

It has been said that “success is a science, if you have the conditions, you get the results”
(Oscar Wilde).
Setting goals and attempting to achieve them teaches a person about themselves, about life and about the world. Let’s dive and get a glimpse of my personal success story. When I was a student, I had my interest in doing science. Then slowly I developed my interest in food side also, so I tried to blend both of my interests and decided to take Chemistry together with Food and Nutrition Studies. However, when I joined USP it was a requirement to take Education units together with Chemistry and Food and Nutrition Studies in which I was given a scholarship by NTS.
It is said that every success stories has emotions and tragedies with it as well. When I was in my first year at USP (2016), I lost my father which was a big blow for me. I was shattered, but his blessings were always with me. This incident made me strong and showed me that life is not a bed of roses and it is full of challenges and obstacles and we have to be strong to tackle it. From there on, I became more focused towards my studies and started to climb the ladder of success. In 2017, I was awarded with Dean’s Award for the Most Outstanding First Year Student, FALE. I was also the Peer Mentor, PASS Leader and E-mentor for Chemistry and last year (2020) I was awarded with the Gold Medal and Prize for the most Outstanding Graduate with a major in Education. After graduating, for one year I worked as a Part-time lab demonstrator for Chemistry and recently I joined CJ Patel & Company Pte Limited as a Graduate Trainee. This training program will mold us to work in the industries and experience real life working environment. I work as a Quality Assurance and Lab Analyst and will explore working in the four entities of CJ Patel Company which are Pacific Batteries Limited, Fiji Dairy Limited, Viti Foods Limited and Alfa. Currently I am also doing my Post Graduate Diploma in Science, Chemistry and this is my second last unit this semester. My future goal is to pursue Masters in Chemistry and work in Food industries.
In a nutshell, my journey with USP was a great experience. The guidance provided by the academic staff has helped me to complete my studies successfully. Also, the immense support provided by my parents and families has helped me to become the person I am today.
“Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hard work never stops. Neither should your dreams” (Dwayne Johnson). Thus, it has been said “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later” (Og Mandino).

I am currently working at FMF Foods Ltd as Quality Assurance Associate. As a Quality Assurance Associate my responsibility is to ensure that products and services meet established standards set by company. My duties include maintaining strong overall quality control of products made by the company adhering to reliability, performance and customer expectation. Inspection and testing of products is part of my job with the obligation to report and document findings. As a Quality Assurance Associate I have to sit, stand and walk around for long hours at a time. Day to day my work involves using variety of skills which I learned at my time at USP whether it be theoretical or practical.
I have always wanted to study at USP and it was a dream come true when I received my offer letter under TELS scheme. However, Studying biology and Chemistry is a fascinating experience. As it’s a continually evolving area of science where breakthroughs are always being made it feels great to be part of it. My degree has benefited me in so many ways and will continue to for the rest of my life. USP is not just a place for learning it will upgrade your skills, socializing, physical activities and my ever favorite spot to go ‘’Library’’ this will definitely help you strike the perfect balance between work, sport, societies and lifestyle. After graduating from USP I joined FMF Foods and till now I am still employed here previously I worked as an attaché at Ministry of Agriculture Chemistry Laboratory during my summer break, by doing attachment I got on hand experience and work life. In future I would continue to work in FMF and also continue my Post Graduate at USP.

I always wanted to pursue my studies in the field of science. The University of the South Pacific was my choice to do Bachelors in biology and chemistry. Entering the university opened doorways to Science for me with impressive technology, learned staff and great support service. After my Bachelors I continued with Masters in Biology and did what I truly enjoy, that is research. I was able to acquire skills and knowledge in my field as well as share ideas and values with students pursuing science all over Pacific. USP paved my path to embark on becoming a researcher and prepared me to pursue further studies. I am currently a PhD student at Osaka University in Japan studying plant protein in the Institute of Protein Research. The University of the South Pacific gave me the boost to reach for the sky, and I am certain that it will do the same for you. Take on the Science, Join USP.

Studying at USP has been truly a memorable journey. The undergraduate and postgraduate programme structure and the experiences from SAGEONS has facilitated me into becoming a “holistic graduate” and readied me to seek and adapt to employment opportunities with reputable organizations. Currently, as the Senior Environment Officer for the Northern Division, I am able to utilize the knowledge, skills and experiences acquired during my time at USP to serve our people.

USP has given me the best study opportunity of my life. Having such great academics and mentors has enabled me to cherish my virtual classroom and field practical memories.
"One of the inspiring aspects is that USP provides students with work-integrated education opportunity to help students gain better sense of their chosen program.

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