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Student Testimonials

When I first enrolled into USP, I had originally intended to major in literature and law. In my second year, I took up politics as an elective and fell in love with the unit and decided to change my literature major to a politics one while I continue with law. It ended up being the best decision because the two go hand in hand so well. Everything I learnt in law could be applied to the things I had learnt in politics. It was also great because everything was always contextualized to the Pacific so I never felt like I was learning something that I would just use for one particular class and never use again. Law was like a look into our Pacific history with the legal system and politics was like a glance into how we could learn from our history and make better decisions for our future. In the end taking up politics and law at USP has definitely played a huge role in my passion to go into regional work after I graduate

As a student at a large university, it can be hard to find and project yourself because there’s so many other students, but being part of SoLaSS and participating in its debates has helped me do just that. USP has also helped me realize that my identity isn’t just anchored to my Fijian citizenship but extends to the idea of regionalism and being a 'citizen' of the Pacific.

Your university experience gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the world better. USP Law opens new opportunities for you to take control of your future!

I chose USP because it is the South Pacific’s law school. It has produced many notable leaders of the Pacific region to date, such as the Hon Ralph Regenvanu (Leader of the Opposition in Vanuatu Parliament). I love the wealth of knowledge that we get from our lecturers and tutors, particularly our Pacific Island lecturers who returned to USP to ‘give back’ to a new generation of Pacific Island legal professionals

USP is the only university that focuses on the laws of the Pacific region. I enjoy how USP Law applies a comparative approach when teaching about Pacific laws and legal systems. In addition, USP Law has produced many notable alumni, some of whom I have had the pleasure of working with!

Alumni Testimonials

“Studying law in a Pacific context at USP has given me the tools and the networks I need to be a better policy and law maker”.

Never stop wanting to learn. Learn about different things and expand your willingness to understand diverse perspectives and experiences. Studying at USP gave me the unique opportunity to study law in 14 Pacific jurisdictions; you won’t get that specialised learning and experience anywhere else!

USP has helped shaped my future by giving me the basic tools that I need in my career. Two of those tools – appreciate diversity around me and never stop learning.

Studying Law at USP has helped me both at the personal and professional levels. One of the best parts of my educational journey was meeting guest speakers and getting inspired by their experiences. It has really helped me to build my character. I have become more organized and critical in my work, and I have learnt to respect others views and opinions, which is an essential aspect of my field. Along with this, I have built many good relations with my classmates, and I enjoy my discussions with them to date. The highly interactive course has undoubtedly brought about the best in me as I embark on a journey to open my own firm in future.
USP is the premier institution of higher learning for the Pacific Island Countries. USP provides a wide range of courses and people can pursue their dreams and make their name in this modern world.
I would encourage everyone to keep working hard. There will be ups and downs in your life but one needs to stay determined in order to achieve its goals. Mahatma Gandhi once said and I quote “The future depends on what you do today” unquote.

What inspired me during my studies was to come home with that ‘piece of paper’ – to graduate. It meant nothing if that ultimate goal was not achieved. USP university life enabled me to achieve this in a setting that was friendly and academically sound, with facilities and programmes that were well set out and relevant to pacific island environment.

Being a student of USP is awesome. The units, the teachers, extra-curricular activities, the tutors, the learning environment and the diversity is amazing. I undertook a Bachelors of Arts majoring in History and Politics because I love Storytelling as I grew up listening to my grandparents telling me stories of the past. I also admired listening to stories of those around the Pacific and connecting the dots wherever I could. USP has helped enhance this learning experience and I am forever grateful for this.”

Studying law and politics at USP has taught me the unique perspectives of the Pacific through inter-school debates, student support workshops and many more. I had the privilege to join the debate team of the School of Government, Development, and International Affairs (SGDIA) in 2018 where we made it to the Semi-finals. I also had the privilege to join the Moot Competition in Emalus Campus in 2020 and made it to the finals

I chose to study at USP because of its diversity in teaching and learning. The diversity at USP allows us to come together as individuals from all over the Pacific region and engage in constructive debates and meaningful dialogue about Pacific law

I loved every moment of my LLB journey with USP (via distance learning). Taking law was one of the best decision I made. Have gone through legal studies and training has enhanced my clinical skills. Taking las has made me realise that there is a lot more to prescribing and treating an illness. A doctor’s duty of care does not end after scribbling a prescription! Obtaining a legal qualification at USP has helped me become more assertive, driven and confident.”

Studying at USP Emalus Campus was a privilege and a rewarding experience. Studying at USP taught me how to work in diverse environments, appreciate different cultures and be open-minded to different opinions – this is a skill that I cherish the most. I have been successful due to my ability to work with people with diverse and unique backgrounds.”

Prior to taking up Law studies at USP I was a Police Prosecutor with only a Form 3 education. My studies at USP have really helped me acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed in my current field of work. USP has certainly shaped me to be what I am today for which I am most grateful. I discovered that the key ingredient in achieving any goal is “working hard”. This is the message I would like to leave with current and prospective students.

When you pursue a degree, you’re equipped with practical skills and knowledge that you can apply to your workplace. For example, in a management program, you’ll learn leadership principles and how to deal with conflict. USP has helped me gain knowledge, skills and experience to help me both in my career and in life in general.
I give USP the credit for shaping me into the person I am today. USP has increased my critical thinking, helped me to better understand what is around me. To add on, USP has taught me the importance of critical thinking, in which judgments are reasoned and well thought out. Critical thinking helps us to recognize problems and find workable ways to solve them, sort through information and pick out what is relevant to a certain situation.
Because USP offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. Moreover, some of the courses and programs that are offered are also recognized internationally.
The lecturers and tutors are helpful in delivering the class through appropriate methods of learning. The class is diversified and I admire the fact that students get along despite the cultural differences and ideologies. Also, the staffs are always friendly and ready to assist you with your needs.

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