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USP’s sterling curriculum, state of the art facilities, vibrant student-support system and high quality educators are its key people-shaping ingredients. USP represents for me all my past and present Lecturers who ably instilled and continue to instill in me the skills that have shaped and continue to shape me personally and professionally. I had, and continue to have, the BEST. To all prospective students: Join USP and be shaped into the professional that you are meant to be!


I chose USP for post graduate studies because it provides flexible options for distance & online learning. All my courses were available online which enabled me to work full time and study. A key selling point for me is that the course contents are relevant to our Pacific context. If you want to be the change you want to see in the world then study with purpose at USP.

My name is Richard Lewis and I just completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PDGEd) at the USP Campus on Nauru.
As I work full-time, I am continuing my studies online and part-time with the goal of gaining the Master of Education degree.
With over 30 years of educational experience, my previous roles have included being a teacher, principal, mentor and trainer of other teachers.
My current role is as the Transition Consultant with the Department of Multicultural Affairs in the Republic of Nauru.
Completing my PDGEd through the USP has provided my with the knowledge and skills to professionally perform my duties at a higher level both at work and in the community.
The effort and sacrifices you put into completing your studies at the USP not only develops your academic ability, but empowers you to support others and to make a difference.
Education is the key to the future you want to create.

USP has made me the person I am today. With its flexible teaching modes, as a working mother it has made me achieve higher goals in my field. I whole heartily thank my Labasa USP staff for all the support in this journey from 2010 to 2020, they were always there to assist me. With USP, you are a knock away from your dream career. Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached!

“USP’s DFL mode of learning at small campuses like Labasa is commendable as it understands the idea of Pacific communities been isolated, with limited resources, or support which enables us to maneouvre our space and builds in us resilience and adaptability to venture into higher studies. “Never get off your dreams, visions put some discipline and sacrifice into it, later you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

I am proud to be a USP Alumnus since the two years spent studying at USP is worthy as it has prepared me with the right teaching pedagogies and content knowledge essential for the teaching profession at the tertiary level in Kiribati.

How has USP helped shape your future?
With USP’s diverse community, I’ve become accustomed and comfortable working with people from different backgrounds. Studying in USP, I had to work with students from across the region (Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia including International students). It’s not easy working with new and different people, however you adapt to the situation. At the end of the day day, differences aside, we all had one common goal; completing our undergraduate programmes and return home to work for our home islands. In my line of work today, I work with different development partners for the RMI, therefore I interact with different ethnicities on a daily basis.
Why I chose USP?
USP Laucala Campus was actually my last choice after my Preliminary and Foundation studies. However, it was by far the best choice I made. Attending USP has made me realize you really don’t need to go to the states or far to have a quality education. You already have one within the region. It also made me recognize the capacity each and every Pacific Islanders hold. We are capable of so much; we descend from the best navigators known to the world. Furthermore, studying in USP takes into consideration not only what is happening across the world, but also the issues we are facing as Pacific Island nations. I loved this, because it gives you the whole reality of the life we face today.

I feel blessed for the opportunity to have completed my master of education from the RMI-USP Majuro Campus. My leadership role and educational journey of working toward my Ph.D in educational leadership for change and career began from this institution and I highly recommend RMI- USP or USP abroad to our young local leaders because this is the institution that will shape you and your future goals and career opportunities. To all the students, go out there and do your best and do your homework. “Keep going. Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time.” - unknown

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