Meet your executive committee

Name: Stephanie Vaiimene

Age: Generation X

Programme of study: Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management

Position: President



I love learning.

Love the short power naps after learning something new which apparently helps you learn better…

Love learning a large block of information and walking into an exam with confidence then find out that it does not come up in the test…

Love the boundaries you set yourself, the discipline you instill and the great sense of pride when you complete an essay, click the UPLOAD button and discuss your ideas and thoughts in the Discussion Forums in your course.

And all that is possible through the great programmes, studies and learning here at home – the USP Campus in Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

The journey to completing my Bachelors won’t be an easy one. As an adult student, working full time and studying part time, commitments to family, fun and fitness will need to find an equal balance with my studies.

Akamaro’iro’i to all our students taking up these learning experiences.

Let me be one of the first to congratulate you in taking that fundamental step towards your higher learning voyage. Kia Manuia.


Name: Una Banaba

Programme of study: Certificate in Management Studies

Goal: Bachelor’s in Business Management

Position: Secretary



I enjoy studying and learning new things, love my work and love life.

Celebrate life!



Name: Rima Mo’o

Programme of study: Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management

Position: Treasurer



Occupation: Tax Outreach & Education Officer at the Tax Department, Revenue Management Division, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management

Attributes: Humble, determined and adaptable

Hobbies: Singing and dancing

Life is always exciting when you are keen to learn new things every day.




Name: Edna Dashwood

Programme of study: Bachelor of Laws

Position: Executive Member



Kia Orana,

I am a member of USPSA Cook Islands this term, with more semesters behind me than there are ahead of me.  Accordingly, it was time to contribute something towards the student body and our campus by signing up to be of service to both in a formal capacity.

You will find me on campus most days during term, usually with a stack of law textbooks, coffee and hair that gets messier as exams get closer.  I am very grateful to be in higher education alongside being a mum of four beautiful children, and view this USPSA role as a way to support other students in their studies.

I know how demanding it can be to balance multiple roles and encourage anyone struggling or stressed with the student aspect of life, to add your student executive members as a support source. We are here for you.


Name: Maria Lesi

Programme of study: Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Commerce

Position: Executive Member



I am a law student pursuing a double degree at USP Cook Islands; Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce.

What I love about USP is diversity and it’s the best accredited institution. Being a Fijian, studying regionally is not a hinderance. While USP is renowned for its excellence in both teaching & research, you can enrol and study whether face-to-face or online at any USP campus within the 12-member countries and explore the learning experience. The interdisciplinary programme of study encouraged me to develop a broad understanding of the components of diversity in society.

I am outgoing, dedicated and adjust to changed with ease. I am a Mom, when not at work or Uni I am with my children.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today – Malcolm X