The Student Council

The Student Council is made up of the USPSA Branch Presidents and/or branch representatives of all 14 USPSA Branches, details are as follows for 2022:

Student Council/Federal Mr. Mani Mate President USPSA & Chair of Council
Student Council/Federal
Mr. Lepani Naqarase VP of USPSA & Deputy Chair of Council
Student Council/Federal
Mr. Emosi Vakarua Secretary General
USP Cook Islands Campus

Ms. Stephanie Vaiimene

Branch President


USP Labasa Campus Mr. Kelemeni Rokotala Branch President S11133252/




USP Laucala Campus





Mr. Bate Tiaeki Tioti

Branch  President
Mr. Glen Bule Branch VP

Ms. Caitlin Nam

 Branch Fiji Rep

Ms. Melisha Siapu

 Laucala Regional Rep
Ms. Adi Salote Duaibe  Laucala PG Rep
USP Lautoka Campus Mr. Kaushal Sen Branch President S11183499/
USP Kiribati Campus Mr Borikabu Iareto Branch President
USP Marshall Islands Campus Mr. Paul Robert Branch President
USP Niue Campus Mr. Jona Saturu Branch President
USP Nauru Campus Mr. George Joram  Branch President S11008928/
USP Alafua Campus Mr. Richard Narinam Branch President S11131488/
USP Solomon Islands Campus Mr. Ishmael Aitorea Branch President S11089961/
USP Tokelau Campus Ms. Liane Silimai Branch Rep S11125211/
USP Tonga Campus Ms. Tepola Fungalei Lolohea Branch President S11138801/
USP Tuvalu Campus Ms. Makelita Sio Branch President
USP Emalus Campus Mr. Benjamin Sadrugu Branch President S02001822/
Council Ms. Elizabeth Fiong Co-opted Administration Member
Council Mr. Tevita Tuiloa Co-opted Finance Member
Council Ms. Jimaima Turaga Co-opted Governance Member
Council Mr. Pita Bulamainaivalu Co-opted Legal Member