Rental of Lockers - Terms and Conditions

The University through Commercial Operation provides 2,200 Lockers which are spread around the Laucala Campus for students to hire at $30 (non-refundable) per semester to secure their belongings till the last day of each semester. Any student enrolled at USP is eligible to hire a locker.

Hiring of a Locker

  • Students hire locker through their SOLS portal and only available lockers would appear for hiring.
  • The portal provides a clear description of where the locker is located at Laucala Campus, therefore choose your lockers carefully.
  • Students have to purchase their own locks. Students are strongly encouraged NOT to share their locker key with friends or unknown person.
  • Commercial Operations is not responsible for lost items from the lockers.
  • Commercial Operations do not reserve any locker, therefore it is hired on “First Come First Serve” basis.
  • If a student wishes to cancel the locker, they must do it within 24 hours of hiring otherwise will have to pay full semester hiring fee.

Damaged Lockers

  • In a case where a student hires a locker and is found to be damaged, the student shall email lockers(at)  for a request to change his/her locker or cancel it altogether. This must be done within 24 hours of hiring it or else full fee will apply.
  • If the student wish to have the locker repaired, please email your request to lockers(at) and locker assistant will visit and advise you how soon it could be repaired. Usually the locker would be repaired within 24 to 48 hours (Monday to Friday).
  • To see a Locker assistant visit Commercial Office next to Land Management Office near Fitness Centre. Office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can also contact Commercial office via Telephone: 323 2237.

Lost Keys

  • Should a student lose his/her padlock keys, they should email their request to lockers(at) or visit locker assistant at Commercial Office for cutting of the lock. Details of the student will be checked prior to authorizing security or locker assistant for cutting of the padlock.
  • Surcharge for cutting the pad lock is $5 and must be paid at the USP cashier (located next to Westpac Bank) prior to having the padlock cut. Student will be given a form to facilitate payment.
  • The student takes the receipt from cashier to security office, who will be accompanied by a security officer to cut the locks.
  • It is student’s responsibility to purchase their own padlocks. It is highly recommended NOT to share your keys with friends or unknown person.

Important Notes

Unauthorized use of Lockers

Unauthorized use of lockers is strictly prohibited. In case of unauthorized occupation of locker, Commercial Operations has the right to force open the locker to remove and dispose of the items therein without notification in advance. Commercial Operations is not liable for any loss or damage of items. Students will be penalized for occupying lockers without observing proper locker application procedures. Those unauthorized locker users will be charged an administrative fee of $50 per locker before collecting their items.

End of Semester

Students are advised to empty the contents of hired locker on/before the last day of the exams at the end of each semester. Commercial Operations staff will remove and dump any contents left in  the locker after this period. NO compensation will be made for the loss of items left behind in the locker after the end of each semester.

No refund will be given if the student claims if she/he hasn’t used the hired locker during the semester. It’s important to note, you must withdraw within 24 hours of hiring if you have no intention of using it. No refund will be entertained with the exception the locker is damaged and beyond repair.



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