The Agriculture and Food Technology discipline of the SAGEONS is committed to serve the region by conducting valuable and relevant research activities funded by USP Research Office and international partners. Below are the on-going research projects of AFT:

  1. Food for Futures -Evaluating a new food production system – USP SamoaFunded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia through Gentle Foot Print
  2. Feasibility of Commercial Cultivation of high value vegetables in Samoa under precision farming systeM.In collaboration with private sector in Samoa, Frankie Company Ltd.
  1. Impact of Covid-19 on production and trade of high value ‘niche’ crop products in FijI.Funded by USP
  1. Co-creating evaluation frameworks for community food production initiatives and community health risks (Co-CFaH)

A multidisciplinary research project involving collaborators from different Schools in USP, University of New Caledonia, Solomon Islands National University, University of Cambridge, The Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises & Development (FRIEND), Mainstreaming of Rural Development Innovations Tonga Trust (MORDI TT), Kastom Garden Association, National Food and Nutrition Centre – Ministry of Health, Fiji, and Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation ACP-EU (CTA).

  1. Isolation and molecular characterization of native N2-fixing bacteria from Pacific Island soils

In collaboration with the Massey University, New Zealand and Solomon Islands National University (SINU)

  1. Nutrient budget in taro (Colocasia esculenta) with fertilizer and different mulch treatments during dry season in Samoa.

Funded by USP

  1. Soil Management in Pacific Islands

A regional consultancy work funded by the Pacific Community (SPC)

  1. Establishment of Biological Control Laboratory and Demo Farm for the Management of Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros in USP Alafua Campus, Samoa

In collaboration with the Scientific Research Organization of Samoa and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Crops Division of Samoa.

  1. Utilisation of different ratios of bovine blood-rumen content with enzyme as partial replacement for soybean meal by broilers.

Funded by USP

  1. The Asia-Pacific Regional Programme on agrometeorological services, pest and disease alerts and early warning systems for farmers.

In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Samoa (MNRE)

  1. Value Chain Studies for ginger, black pepper, capsicum, banana, watermelon and tomatoes.

In collaboration with Samoa Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (SMAF) – SAFROM Project.

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