USP - Pacific European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) Scholarship

Call For Scholarship Applications:
Micro-Qualification in Maintaining Seafood Safety and Quality

Applications are invited for suitable for Apia based Samoa nationals from the fisheries sector, such as deckhands, fishers, market vendors, seafood market Intermediaries, small-scale processors, aquaculture farmers, seafood retailers or suppliers to undertake the above course at the University of the South Pacific (USP), Pacific TAFE.

The USP- Pacific European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) project providing scholarships to 20 eligible candidates.  This course will be offered face-to-face from 25 to 29 March, 2024 in Apia, Samoa.


This micro-qualification focuses on seafood safety and quality, outlining the causes and reduction methods of seafood spoilage; quality control factors; critical control points of hazards and high-risk factors of contamination and spoilage; practicing personal, equipment and workplace hygiene; maintaining cold chain; value adding; disposal and commercial merits of waste products; and best practice guidelines of seafood safety and quality standards. The programme is divided into 3 modules delivered face-to-face over 5 days:

  1. Outline causes of seafood spoilage and quality control factors
  2. Demonstrate basic post-harvest seafood handling skills
  3. Apply inspection, techniques and guidelines to maintain seafood quality.


A holder of this micro-qualification will be equipped with key knowledge and skills that are required to ensure that safety and quality of seafood is maintained from ‘hook to plate’.


Applicants must have:

  1. Satisfactorily completed Year 12 level of education or equivalent;
  2. A good command of English reading and writing skills, including basic numeracy skills.
  3. Be involved in seafood handling and/or processing activities.
  4. Any special case where the above requirements are not met can be approved by the Director or nominee on a case by case basis

WORKSHOP DATE: 25 to 29 March, 2024

Tuition fees and transportation arrangements to and from training venue.

Training sessions include meals.



Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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