Graduate School of Business hosts ‘Meet the Leaders Forum’


The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Graduate School of Business (GSB) within the School of Business and Management hosted it is first virtual “Meet the Leaders Forum” on 25 February 2022.

The speaker for the forum was the CEO of Samoa Ports Authority, Mr So’oalo Kuresa So’oalo. One hundred and fifty-seven participants attended the forum, and these were the current Laucala, Samoa, Tuvalu, and Lautoka MBA students. Mr So’oalo spoke on the topic, “Implementing learning in the workplace environment, HRM and addressing the organisation’s focus”.

The Graduate School of Business was grateful to the speaker for highlighting the important points that were not only relevant to the GSB and the MBA curriculum enhanced students’ learning capability; being a source of empowerment.

Mr So’oalo spoke on the importance of human resource management, managing people, and the critical role of human resources on the success of any organisation.

He said human capital was the most essential component for making anything work, which is aligned to the strategic goals of any organisation.

“My emphasis is on investing in our future or on your future colleagues and employees. Your biggest asset is our people. Invest in your human capital. As a leader of a prestigious organisation, I encourage all our staff to take up further studies. We have policies in place to provide support,” Mr So’oalo said.

He said the MBA course testified the importance of human capital in any business and its critical role in ensuring organisational success; providing conceptual and practical skills in recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, training and development, salaries and benefits, and industrial relations.


“We need to look beyond qualification and experience! Human capital has been defined in various ways. It can be thought of as the stock of knowledge, talent, skills, experience, intelligence, judgment, wisdom, social, creativity, character, and personal attributes,” he added.

“As management practices shift to an employee-centric mindset and grapple with the challenges of digital transformation, many questions continue to arise. Global supply chains have been affected, and we are adopting new technologies. How will globalisation impact the future? Fast forward to modern days—we are now dealing with more issues such as a pandemic, climate change, domestic violence, and gender equality; and how we as future leaders are to adopt the optimal approach to ensure the effects are felt to a minimum of each nation.”

Mr So’oalo emphasised the impact of COVID-19 has been huge having numerous economic implications; nonetheless, Samoa Ports Authority was able to preserve its workforce and sustain the organisation at the same time.

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