Hundreds of students caught a glimpse of the USP experience during Emalus Campus Open Day


Over 700 high school students, accompanied by their teachers and principals, attended The University of the South Pacific (USP) Open Day at our Emalus Campus today.

Students arrived as early as 7am, excited to participate and learn more about USP, its programmes, activities, resources and its relevance and importance in the region.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the event, Chief Guest Honourable Ralph Regevanu, a Member of Parliament in Vanuatu, said: “USP is a place where you can build your future career, not only through education but also through the relationship and contacts you make.”

“In terms of choosing a university to go to, USP is the university where you will make the most connections within the region with other colleagues of your age group working in all Pacific Island Countries that are members of USP.”

Hon Regevanu reaffirmed Vanuatu’s commitment towards contributing to USP as an active member of the region’s premier institute.

He added that students should be able to realise that as Pacific Islanders, “We are blessed as we are unique in terms of our heritage, one of the most ecologically pristine regions and have a heritage of looking after our environment very well, and it’s something we should all be proud of.”

The Honourable MP, who is also an alumni of USP, shared that USP is well-positioned to shape the future of the Pacific, as it has done in the past, now and in the future as well.

“In Vanuatu, we need more human resource experts and skilled people to be able to take our young country forward.”

Addressing the 17 schools and participants gathered at the Emalus Campus today, Acting Campus Director Dr Ruben Markward encouraged students to “Make use of this day. USP is open to everyone who is considering university education.”

“We welcome those of you who have already decided to join USP and those who have yet to decide. We hope USP remains one of your first choices as the Open Day is about making a very important choice for you.”

He also stressed that “Your choice of university and programme of study will ultimately shape the future of your life. Pursue what you are passionate about.”

During the Open Day, students were given a tour around the Emalus Campus, visited various booths and engaged with our staff to learn more about USP.

At the end of the programme, high school students participated in various Open Day activities and had a glimpse of the USP experience.

The USP Emalus Campus Open Day was a success.

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