MBA alumnus cherishes his time as a student


William Vulivuli, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) alumnus, said his fondest recollection is establishing new acquaintances from various commercial backgrounds and gaining knowledge through the MBA programme.

William graduated in 2021 from The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Laucala Campus. He said he chose USP to pursue his education because the University is reputable in the region and its programmes are well structured allowing him to work and study simultaneously.

“Moreover, due to the programme flexibility, I could travel and maintain a balance in my family life,” he said.

William shared that coming from a technical background as a captain of a ship and a year into his shipping business, it was evident that the MBA programme would fill a missing link in his career path, developing an understanding of the business and commercial world.

“The MBA knowledge assisted me to prosper in this ever challenging business and corporate journey,” he said.

He is currently the CEO, owner and director of a shipping company (Genesi Shipping Ltd/Grp) for the past ten years. Previously he was a captain for various ships and shipping companies in Fiji and abroad for over 15 years.

“As for my career, I have sailed and seen the world and achieved all I wanted to do at a very young age since leaving high school. Nevertheless, for personal goals, I want to succeed in the business and corporate world. I am halfway there in terms of the many companies I own and manage today since incubation 11 years ago.”

“I am blessed to have a wonderful and supportive young family that has also shaped my success, especially my wife, an MBA alumnus who supports my aspirations and ambitions in this journey,” William added.

He said that time management, sacrifice and commitment are three pillars that have shaped him as a person in life and contributed to his success as an entrepreneur.


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