Pacific TAFE partial scholarships offer quality, accredited education


Students interested in quality, accredited education can now study at The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE) without needlessly worrying about financial constraints.

Pacific TAFE has launched an initiative allowing students to receive a partial scholarship covering up to 50 per cent of tuition costs. The scholarship is available for any one member per family, i.e. between siblings or between children and parents enabling students to access quality and internationally accredited education.

Pacific TAFE Director, Ms Susan Sela, said this was a fantastic opportunity for students as the institution assisted prospective students who may be financially (or otherwise) disadvantaged from receiving a high-quality education.

She said the scholarship since the scholarship covers almost half of the tuition fees, the number of applications received and approved would determine the number of scholarships made available.

“Pacific TAFE wishes to assist all students who meet the scholarship criteria. We will prioritise selection based on total family income and programme,” Ms Sela explained.

She also emphasised that the scholarship was only available for semester-based programmes.

Ms Sela encouraged current and prospective students to register their interest in Pacific TAFE’s programmes.

“I cordially invite prospective students to learn more about our Foundation and Preliminary programmes which will prepare you for higher education,” she said.

“By enrolling at Pacific TAFE, you are putting yourself in the hands of highly qualified and experienced facilitators and coordinators but more importantly, enrolling in Pacific TAFE’s College of Foundation Studies ensures quality completion of studies and preparation for Foundation (the equivalent of Year 13) from Preliminary (Year 12) and from Foundation to Bachelor studies.”

Ms Sela said that Pacific TAFE had proven its resilience and capacity to deliver by ensuring that students began and completed their studies in good time despite any crisis and, in this instance, a pandemic.

“Choosing to join USP Pacific TAFE means joining the 11th ranked University in the world where crisis management is concerned!”

Pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resources and IBM, Litiana Kanalagi said she had earned a Certificate IV in Human Resources Management from Pacific TAFE.

“This laid the groundwork for me to pursue my interest in Human Resources Management at the undergraduate level,” Kanalagi added.

“The facilitators at Pacific TAFE were the first to inspire me to study Human Resource Management at USP. They would inspire and drive students to excel in everything we do, whether it was completing assessments, attending lectures, or participating in small-group debates and presentations.”

She believed that interactive lessons were the basis for effective learning in a group setting.

“My facilitators’ advice was invaluable, and etched in my mind was the fact that there is a bigger world outside of the classroom and I would need to put all the skills and knowledge learned to good use out there in the corporate world,” Kanalagi said.

Having attained a Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply, Arvin Dutt said he returned to study because of the friendly staff at Pacific TAFE and the terrific lecturers.

“They were always ready to assist with any difficulty in my studies,” he added.

He strongly recommended Pacific TAFE and encouraged everyone to continue their education regardless of their age.

“Their programme is suitable for full-time workers since they offer afternoon classes. I now feel secure and more confident in my field of work and have a better understanding of Procurement and Supply chain processes which I use in my daily line of work.”



To be eligible for the partial scholarship, applicants must be admitted and registered for Pacific TAFE Programmes commencing Semester 1, 2022; have a combined family income of not more than FJD 25,000 per year; and to proceed with a scholarship from Semester 1 to Semester 2, students must achieve a Term GPA of 3.0 (B) or better.

The Foundation Arts, Foundation Business, Foundation Science Programmes are recognised by Universities New Zealand (UNZ). Pacific TAFE College of Foundation Studies (CFS) provides qualifications in the following disciplines;

  • Preliminary Arts
  • Preliminary Science
  • Preliminary Business
  • Foundation Arts
  • Foundation Science
  • Foundation Business

All registered students are eligible to apply for this scholarship, except for International Students; Students enrolled and pursuing Unclassified Undergraduate (UN/UGF)/ programme; Students enrolled in cohorts, and Students supported by sponsorship or other scholarships schemes.

For more information regarding Pacific TAFE, visit;

Complete the Pacific TAFE Partial Scholarship application form available at Pacific TAFE

(Statham Campus), or download the form on

Applications close on Friday, 8 April 2022.

USP Pacific TAFE is committed to providing the best to current and potential students and contributing to Shaping Pacific Futures.



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