Passion to serve inspires Siteri’s success


The journey to success is challenging, but you can reach your goals with commitment and excellent support.

These were the wise words from Siteri Adiloulou, a single mother of one who graduated from the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Certificate level IV Library Information System.

The 56-year-old from Moturiki in the Lomaiviti group started her journey in tertiary institutions as a cleaner at the then-Fiji Institute of Technology 1996. She worked at a supervisory level in 2010 and only moved to USP in 2016.

Siteri recalls many times when she struggled financially, but her faith and love for her only son kept her going.

At USP, Siteri shared that she was allocated the library as her responsibility when given her cleaning duties.

“I love to serve students; I would go out of my way to ensure a clean environment for students to study. I never thought that I too would be able to one day begin my studies also, she said.”

Despite her challenges, Siteri persevered and knew there was more she wanted to do.

In 2021, Siteri knew she wanted to do more. Since working within the USP library, she took a keen interest in joining this field, so her journey in pursuing her Certificate in Library Information Systems began.

After receiving her certificate, Siteri says she wishes to motivate others to never give up on pursuing their dreams and always move forward.

She recalled the challenges in balancing her role as a mother, working and studying, but through spiritual guidance and time management, she achieved her goals.

“The hardest part for me was juggling work, classes, assignments and caring for my son. We would leave home early in the morning to go to school. I would get into my work and try to find time to grab a bite to eat before my classes in the evenings, and then head home to clean up, cook and ensure my little family was ok, “Siteri added.

Today, Siteri is employed as a Library Attendant at USP and continues working passionately.

She added that she is proud of her achievement and hopes that her son takes this as a source of inspiration to work hard and never forget those who have assisted you to become the person you are today.

She also encourages single mothers who desire to study and make a change for themselves to put their dreams into action and make it come true because anything is possible as long as you put your heart into it.

Siteri is now looking to continue working and plans to pursue her Diploma in Library Information Systems next semester.



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