Proud MBA graduate and gold medalist shares her learning journey


Obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from The University of the South Pacific (USP) was a watershed moment in Umesh Radhika Prasad’s career, she says. “It was a significant achievement and a tremendous celebration for me, both personally and professionally.”

Graduating in 2019 with a gold medal, Umesh felt accomplished as it was an enriching journey utilising all aspects of her learning to her current role as the Treasurer for HFC Bank.

The 38-year-old is currently doing her Master of Commerce in Economics. Prior to this, she has also graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Economics; a Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics; and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics and Physics. She attained all her qualifications from USP because of its standard of delivery in education.

She also mentioned that the University has experienced and approachable lecturers who made her MBA journey enjoyable.

Umesh stated that one of the most challenging aspects of her MBA was juggling multiple tasks while also responding to her responsibilities with sincerity and dedication.

“Having a demanding job, being a mother of two and doing my MBA with good grades was a rollercoaster ride for me. Some days were great, some were exhausting, some were happy and rejoicing, and some were frustrating and draining,” she said.

“However, I was always driven and motivated to do the best I could. What worked well for me was my support system; I have a very supportive and encouraging partner. I have understanding children, and my parents and mother-in-law were always there for me. This support system assisted me in keeping afloat during difficult days, and they were also the group who celebrated all my small successes throughout the journey.”

She said that as a student, she enjoyed her learnings through the diverse topics in MBA.

“The topics are highly applicable to strategic roles and gives you a holistic development,” added Umesh.

She said that education at University is not only for academic qualification; there is a lot more it has to offer that will be valuable in your future endeavours; it is a world of opportunities.

Umesh mentioned that tertiary education builds confidence, constructs self-awareness, and provides a work-integrated learning experience.

“Sometimes it makes you break out of your comfort zones, it fosters collaboration, and above all, we gain some lifelong relationships and fond memories that are cherished forever,” she emphasised.

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