Students take advantage of USP Open Day at Emalus Campus


Over 700 students and teachers from eight different secondary schools attended The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Emalus Campus in Vanuatu last Friday to learn as much as they could about studying at USP during the Open Day.

Emalus Campus Director, Dr Andrew MacKenzie said the Open Day was not just about school students making the transition from secondary to tertiary education.

“We have professional programmes, such as our Pacific TAFE, Certificates, diplomas, Bachelors, and Postgraduate programmes that suit lifelong learners,” he added.

Dr MacKenzie said USP was for students of all ages, and everyone could benefit from a degree at USP whether it was for career advancement or career change.

Malapoa College Teacher, Mrs Salisha Boe said the Vanuatu USP Open Day was a fantastic event and it educated students, allowing them to consider and make decisions about their future careers and programme options.

For Malapoa College student Daniel Kisten, the Open Day helped him and his colleagues to make better choices for their tertiary education.

“Arriving at the gate of USP, I was nervous about entering a new atmosphere of tertiary learning about education. This made me think it was going to be a challenging day, however, the welcoming guides, staff, and student ambassadors at USP made me feel confident coming to USP Vanuatu Open Day,” he added.

Kisten added that the Open Day provided opportunities to learn about the programmes and clear requirements needed and assistance that could be offered to students.

He also acknowledged USP for taking time to set a day aside to accommodate secondary school students and their queries as he and many of his fellow students look towards beginning their tertiary education.


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