The University of the South Pacific demonstrates research excellence in the Ocean

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The University of the South Pacific (USP) has made an outstanding contribution to a new Special Issue focussing on Pacific marine science. The Special Issue entitled “Ecosystem resilience and human impact in the Pacific Oceanscape: current status and future directions” is published in an eminent journal called Marine Pollution Bulletin which has an impressive academic impact factor of above four.

The Special Issue includes 40 research papers which explore the pressures on the resilience, health and survival of Pacific ecosystems.

A total of thirty members of USP are authors in the Special Issue, contributing to seventeen papers.

Of the seventeen papers, eight are led by USP authors.  They include topics such as pollution, ecotoxicology, microplastics, water quality, human health and ecosystem services.

The broad contribution to this Special Issue shows the significant research capacity in USP across many of the disciplines association with the Ocean.

The USP Co-Editor of the Special Issue, Professor Jeremy Hills said, “The Special Issue shows not only the depth of research expertise in the Ocean in our University, but also the increasing importance of regional and international collaboration and partnership in understanding more about our Ocean”.

The genesis of the Special Issue has come from work under the Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme (CME) which promotes safe and sustainable marine economies across Commonwealth Small Island Developing States (funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, UK Government).

The Lead Editor, Dr Michelle Devlin (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, UK) noted the importance of CME in promoting regional collaboration and engagement in research as well as the immense value of USP for developing research capacity in the Pacific region.


Marine Pollution Bulletin

Special issue: Ecosystem resilience and human impact in the Pacific Oceanscape: current status and future directions

Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme, CME)

Note to Editors:

Following is a list of the 30 authors who are staff of the University of the South Pacific.  The Highlighted names are of authors who have contributed (co-authored?) more than one paper.


1 Arsita Pratap
2 Francis S.Mani
3 Surendra Prasad
4 Joachim Emeka Arikibe
5 M.Maata
6 M.Peter
7 T.Otiawa
8 Rufino Varea
9 Susanna Piovano
10 Marta Ferreira
11 Jeremy Hills
12 Jameel Thompson
13 Andrew Paris
14 David Rohindra
15 Ciro Rico
16 Dawn Gibson
17 Cherie W Morris
18 K Soapi
19 Jasha Dehm
20 Shubha Singh
21 Gilianne Brodie
22 Elisabeth Holland
23 Antoine De Ramon N’Yeurt
24 Krishna Kotra
25 Michael Maniel
26 Dickson Boboria
27 Leo X.C. Dutra
28 Joeli Veitayaki
29 Stuart Kininmonth
30 Cherrie W. Morris

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