USP Foundation Programme recognised by Universities New Zealand


The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Foundation Studies Programme continues to be recognised by Universities New Zealand. This recognition was first granted in 2014.

This is good news for young people currently enrolled in the Foundation Programme and those looking to join the programme as those who have completed their Foundation Studies successfully with a grade average of B are eligible to apply to universities in New Zealand.

Head of College of Foundation Studies, Ms Rosalia Fatiaki said the basis of this recognition of the programme means that a USP foundation student can gain entry into any university in New Zealand. Exceptions however may apply if a University has other requirements that a student may need to fulfil.

“So that’s good news for our programme, it also speaks volumes of the quality of the foundation programme, it went through a rigorous process of assessment. The process started in February, and we got the confirmation of recognition in September,” she added.

Ms Fatiaki stressed that this is a clear indication of the confidence that Universities New Zealand has in the quality of the qualification that students attain during their Foundation Studies here at USP.

“So, our students don’t have to do any bridging, they go straight into university degree one, just like our foundation students going to do an undergrad here at USP, and so yeah, it’s a big achievement. Universities New Zealand have given us five years.” Ms Fatiaki said.

Ms Fatiaki also highlighted that the quality of the Foundation Programme is shown by the consistent performance by those students who were part of the programme and are now in their degree studies at USP.

They monitored students’ progress throughout the programme and into undergraduate studies and data shows that students were consistent in their performance, and this also supported the quality of the Foundation Programme.

Universities New Zealand Academic Programmes Portfolio Manager Wendy Robinson said this recognition means that every university in New Zealand will be prepared to consider an application from a person who had completed the Foundation Programme at this level.






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