USP offers flexibility, says Nicholla


Nicholla Serena Chan encourages prospective students to enrol at The University of the South Pacific (USP), an institution providing excellent flexibility for working students.

Nicholla, who graduated from USP’s Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce, says she never felt pressured at USP.

She added the USP flexible environment gave her plenty of time to complete assignments.

The 23-year-old who is currently employed in Suva said she decided to pursue Postgraduate studies after earning her Bachelor’s degree at USP.

“I also want to learn as much as I can to figure out how I can contribute to our country’s welfare and establish myself as a qualified and experienced economist.”

“I’d like to start working on a Master’s degree in Economics. At the moment, I am attempting to obtain as much industry experience as possible.”

She stated her biggest challenge during the second COVID-19 outbreak was transitioning from face-to-face to online sessions but, “Thanks to the flexibility provided by USP, I was able to cope fairly well”.

She emphasised her friends, lecturers and tutors at the University were her greatest drive.

“It is critical to strike a decent work-life balance at all times. It was also beneficial to have a dedicated work environment free of interruptions.”

As a student, Nicholla shared numerous highlights, but one that stands out was meeting extraordinary instructors and peers who shared her vision.

“This allowed me to stay focused while also allowing me to easily seek assistance and diverse opinions on a variety of issues or current events.”

She claims continuing studying has opened up opportunities resulting in becoming more knowledgeable and open-minded about the world.

Nicholla strongly advises students to take advantage of any financial aid and bursaries.

Private students who choose to study at USP this year can apply and take advantage of USP’s flexible payment options and scholarships to ease their financial burden.

Students are urged to attend the Enrolment Fair and take advantage of the services on offer. The Fair, situated at the USP Laucala Campus student car park, is an information space serviced by staff from all academic units to assist students aspiring to enrol for Semester One.

The Fair has been extended until 19 March to cater for the late release of examination results.

USP’s Postgraduate applications have been extended until 25 March except for trimester-based programmes and Undergraduate applications extended until 23 March.


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