USP partners with Monash University & Think Pacific to deliver GIG Programme


The University of the South Pacific (USP) is currently hosting the Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) Programme for 64 students from Monash University. This is the first time USP is hosting the Programme.

The GIG Programme is a fieldwork elective unit worth 12 credit points, that takes students to one of six countries at the end of their first year. The countries that are on offer are Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, China and India, with the programme opening up to Fiji this year.

This global immersion experience will give young people the opportunity to develop their intercultural competency, global outlook, and employability.

This is also the largest number of international students received by USP at any one given time.

The students were this week, accorded a traditional welcoming ceremony performed by the USP iTaukei Students’ Association.

While formally welcoming the student delegation, USP International Office Manager Lilian Fuata said, “considering COVID and its challenges for the past few years, it is great to see that student mobility is still possible.”

Ms Fuata acknowledged the students and Monash University for choosing to travel to USP. She added, “in Fiji, you will experience 12 different countries altogether, that’s what makes USP so unique, it’s a melting pot of cultures of the Pacific and Fiji is the gateway to the South Pacific countries.”

Monash University Global Immersion Guarantee Program Unit Coordinator Dr Sarah Gosper said, “the focus of the trip within the programme is for students to learn first-hand the balance between environmental protection and sustainability and social and economic development.”

“We recognise the importance of these collaborations in the Pacific and its very important to us and so we hope this will be a long-term partnership for Fiji and the Pacific through USP,” Dr Gosper added.

The 64 students will be in Fiji for two weeks and will be visiting various cultural and environmental sites across the country and have planned activities with respective student associations during their time at USP.





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