USP Tuvalu Campus education achievement commended


The University of the South Pacific (USP) Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Pal Ahluwalia, commended the efforts of Tuvalu students in their higher education pursuit, showing that Tuvalu continues to punch above its weight.

Professor Ahluwalia made the statement while officiating during the USP Tuvalu Campus Graduation ceremony this morning in Funafuti.

The Vice-Chancellor reminded the graduates that as they step out into the world, they must carry lessons of their voyage with them and the legacies of their predecessors, who have paved the way for our regional University.

“You will have the opportunity to shape your destinies and the Pacific and the world around us. I encourage you today to carry this legacy forward and embrace this moment with gratitude, humility, joy, and determination. Let us together use our knowledge, skills, and passion to contribute to a Pacific region that is resilient, just and prosperous,” he stated.

A total of 62 students graduated this morning, of whom 41 were females and 21 males from the different schools.

Thirty-six graduated from the Pacific TAFE programmes, five at the Undergraduate level, one with Graduate Certificates and Professional Diplomas, two students received their Postgraduate Diplomas, and 17 students successfully completed their Master’s by course work.

Professor Ahluwalia commended the unwavering support shown by loved ones who have contributed to the success of the graduates.

“As we gather here today, ready to witness you receive the degrees, diplomas, and certificates that you have worked so tenaciously for, I want you to take a moment to first reflect on the values that have brought you here and the values that will guide you forward,” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor thanked “the many people who have shaped those values and contributed to your success so far. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, spouses, partners, aunties, uncles, cousins, kindergarten teachers, primary and high school teachers, tutors and lecturers are all members of your proverbial village.”

Professor Ahluwalia added that he is immensely proud of USP’s achievements and profoundly passionate about the exciting possibilities before us and beyond the horizons.

“Our top 10 per cent Times Higher Education global ranking has demonstrated that we continue to punch above our weight compared to the more than twenty thousand universities across the globe. But, as we pursue even loftier heights internationally, let us reflect on 2022 alone. USP achieved the following ranking: for the second time in a row, USP ranked in the top 101-2022 in the Global Top 100 Innovative Universities by the World University Real Impact Ranking (WURI) 2022. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, USP has managed to rank 12th against some of the world’s top Universities around Crisis Management. I am pleased to report that we have replicated these results in 2023, as the WURI results were released only on Monday this week,” he added.

“USP also ranked in the top 151-200 in the latest Shanghai Rankings through the Discipline of Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) under the School of Business and Management (SBM). In addition to this achievement, USP’s Political Sciences also made the latest listing, ranking between 301-400,” he said.

He stressed that these rankings not only enhance the value of students’ degrees but also attract top employers and provide opportunities for future success.

He is “proud to say that our graduands have played an instrumental role in shaping the university’s reputation, and I encourage you all to continue making a positive impact as you embark on your next chapter in life.”

Professor Ahluwalia said that through the support and collaboration of stakeholders, the USP Leadership Team and Staff at Tuvalu Campus weathered certain challenges and helped students complete the 2022 academic year successfully.

He added that the Tuvalu Campus Graduation does not only testify to the great success of USP students, their families, friends, villages, staff, and the University, it showed an excellent achievement for all of Tuvalu.

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